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The 2021 Halloween Event was released on October 20th, 2021. Part 1 includes four new ships, a new quest ship that can be "evolved," replacements for the Pirate and Kneall AI enemies, and a reskinned Mega Base. The event is slated to end on the 27th of November, 2021.

Part 1 ships (released 20th October, 2021):

Part 2 Quests (released 13th November, 2021):

  • The Might of the Precursor (Drops Prikkit): Requires 100 Souls, 5 Forgotten Souls, 75,000 Credits
  • Kneall Battleship (Drops Brawler): Requires 200 Souls, 12 Forgotten Souls, 150,000 Credits, 1 Alien Device
  • Hollow Vessel: Requires 600 Souls, 25 Forgotten Souls, 700,000 Credits (quest currently not finishable EVEN if you have the required materials due to a bug)
  • Crossing Realities, I: Requires 650 Souls, 30 Forgotten Souls, 1,000,000 Credits
  • Crossing Realities, II: Requires 550 Souls, 40 Forgotten Souls, 1,100,000 Credits

Part 2 Ships (released 13th November, 2021):

  • Lillak (dread) - 30 forgotten souls, 650 souls, 1 mil credits
  • Epoka (dread) - 40 forgotten souls, 550 souls, 1.1 mil credits
  • Crescendo (dread) - 25 forgotten souls, 500 souls, 700k credits
  • Zillavik (dread) - 22 forgotten souls, 550 souls, 800k credits
  • Requiem (battleship)- 8 forgotten souls, 200 souls, 150k credits
  • Brawler (battleship) 12 forgotten souls, 200 souls, 1 alien device, 200k credits
  • Prikkit (destroyer) - 5 forgotten souls, 100 souls, 75k credits

Several new enemies have been added, replacing the old Pirate and Kneall NPCs, all pirate NPCs in the event contain souls, while aliens contain Preos Bits (and Embryos).

These enemies drop new loot, such as Preos Bits and Souls, Souls are required to build almost every new ship, while Preos Bits and Embryos are required for the Evolution Quest Chain in Terminal D of Mega Base.

The "Evolution" aspect of the event continued with an update released on October 23rd, 2021. The Alien enemy ships were made stronger, and the Preos Egg quest was moved and expanded with its second step, which is still found in Terminal D of the Mega Base. This is not part two of the event

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