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Planets, also known in the developer/update logs as Celestial Bodies, are a key feature in Galaxy. Every planet is connected with at least one quest, and many have been the host of events or limited quests. The current version of the game can host up to three different planets in each server. The current planets are known as Frion I, Aqueous II, Myriad III & Pyramus. Each is numbered according to the order they were added in to the game. They are similar to Starbases in many means, however unlike Starbases they start neutral, and act similar to the Mega Base. However, they are designed differently, and the actual base cannot be seen from too far away, allowing for a visual shield and an easy way to spawn Super Capital Ships without being seen. Also, fighters spawn differently compared to Starbases. Finally, the biggest difference is that a faction cannot run on a single Planet, if all of their Starbases are captured or destroyed the faction will be disbanded.

In Galaxy Alpha, the planet Earth acted similarly to the Mega Base. Earth was the only planet in the game at that time. In Beta, Earth was removed and replaced by the Mega Base. New planets, starting with Frion I, quickly followed.

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