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Quests are one of Galaxy's core functions. Without Quests, Galaxy wouldn't be able to be as expansive as it was.

Quests serve a variety of purposes; Crafting Materials, Building Ships, Gaining Credits, and could even spawn Bosses back then.

NPCs are the main source of Quests, these entities have a speech bubble on top of them. All NPCs follow a dialogue pattern where to you talk to them to accept their Quest, then talk to them again to receive the reward if you have the required items. One strange thing though about NPCs is that if you did not have the requirements for completing their Quest, they would still give dialogue signifying that you completed the Quest.

All Quests have a number assigned to them. The list of currently documented quests in a numerical order can be found below.

Quest List

The Quest List sorts all documented Quests into an organized list, note that Quest Numbers have no normal continuation and can start from a Million.

Feel free to add any missing quests here, but remember to mark if they are available or not.


  • Quest Numbers marked with RED signify that they are currently unavailable or retired, and thus cannot be done.
  • Quest Numbers marked with LIME signify that they are currently available, and can be done.
  • Quest Numbers marked with YELLOW signify that they are a special type of Quests called Rotation Quests, where they can change their availability and contents usually in a frequency of every Week or Month.
  • Quest Numbers marked with ORANGE signify that the quest's availability is unknown and may need to be updated.

Note that some Quests may have the same number assigned to them as other quests, this is due to that Quest replacing the other quest with the same number

1. Help Freedom Base

2. Going Nuclear

3. Halloween

4. Yeti Quest

5. Prototype X-1 Quest

6. Prototype X-2 Quest

8. Lost Drone (aka Monogram's Help)

9. Crazy Secret

10. Alien Computer

11. Dining In Hell

12. Depthbreaker

13. Death Incarnate (Halloween Event 2018 Quest)

14. Renovator Innovator (Christmas Event 2018 Quest)

15. Shady Dealer

16. Prototype Rebirth X-2

17. Prototype Rebirth X-1

19. Prototype X-3

76. Battlecruiser Weekly Dealer

77. Carrier Weekly Dealer

78. Battleship Weekly Dealer

79. Dreadnought Weekly Dealer

83. Plasma Batteries, 100

89. Enigma Cache

89. Enigma Cache V2

90. Plasma Batteries, 1

91. Plasma Batteries, 3

101. Plasma Batteries, 10

200. Long Time Coming

201. Dimensional Cache

202. The Last Signal

203. Mythical Blueprint

204. Iron Forge

204. Iron Forge

205. Scrap Collector

205.5. Scrap Collector 2

206. Rev's Irresistable Offer

207. Plasma Batteries, 20

210. The First Gift (Christmas 2021 Quest)

211. The Second Gift (Christmas 2021 Quest)

212. The Third Gift (Christmas 2021 Quest)

210. Osiris Quest

211. Imperator Quest

212. Helios Quest

213. Atheon Quest

214. Nightmare Quest

1776. Obamasphere

20206. Spooky

20221. Charybdis OCS

20222. Advanced Systems

20223. Special Armor

20224. The council (April Fool's Event 2022 Quest)

20227. Reverse Engineering (Kneall Event Quest)

69420. Admin ship adder

202282. BM Plasma Batteries, 10

202281. BM Plasma Batteries, 50

202283. BM Plasma Batteries, 200

202284. BM Plasma Batteries, 500

694201. THE KNEALL (Kneall Event Quest)

20211208. Engine Manufacturing

20211221. 1000:20 AP

Quests with an unknown number assigned to them

??? The Ice Monster (Christmas 2017 Quest)

??? Hyperion Computer

??? Oblivion Computer

??? Subjugator Computer

??? Deity Computer

??? Theia Computer

??? Astraeus Computer

??? Slipstream Quest

??? Zhen Quest

??? 01000010 01101111 01101101 01100010 01100101

??? Hide and Seek