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The Centurion is a Destroyer class ship and one of the few ships to be armed with torpedoes.


The Centurion is a Destroyer that has a long chassis and short, awkward wings and a variety of weapons. It has thrusters hanging on its wings, and phasers attached to the front. A Medium Torpedo rests on the bottom of the ship waiting to be fired.


  • Devastating against Hull.
  • Fairly well defended against Fighters, Frigates, and Alien Swarmers because of its gatlings.
  • Early Torpedo Sieger for experienced players.
  • Torpedo deals very high damage.
  • Cheap price for its power.


  • Very low mobility for its class.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • No shield damaging weapons.
  • Low health.
  • Medium torpedo has a long reload time.
  • Very slow torpedo. Hard to hit a moving target.


  • Able to siege and fire Torpedoes at enemy Starbases or ships and deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Can be used to help a fleet in taking downStarbases or large Ships
  • Can be combined with shield shredding ships such as the Gideon to make a devastating combo.

Version History

  • Remodeled in version .66b


  • The Centurion was the first ship added to this game. (A lot of people think the first was the Avenger).
  • The first and only Destroyer with a Torpedo if you don't count both of its limited counterparts.
  • In the Christmas Event 2017, it was reskinned as the Viking.
  • In the Retro 2020 Event, it was "reskinned" as the Retro Centurion.
Original Centurion Model