Charybdis OCS

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The Charybdis OCS is an item acquired via the Charybdis OCS quest and used to build the Kraken

Location of the pirate tinkerer at Derelict

How to get aquire:

To get the Charybdis OCS you must travel to the derelict station where a hole in the exterior of the station is located. Inside you will find the Pirate Tinkerer who will give you the quest.

Pirate Tinkerer

You will need:

Quest Dialogue

[Pirate tinkerer]: Hi

[Player]: Hello, what are you doing?

[Pirate tinkerer]: Looking for someone to sell this one-of-a-kind blueprint to.

[Player]: Where did you get it?

[Pirate tinkerer]: doesn't matter, do you want to buy it?

[Player]: How much is it?

[Pirate tinkerer]: i'll give it to you for a quantum core, 12 dimensional alloys, a shard of antimatter, and 10 plasma batteries from une. Also 60K.

[Player]: Deal.

[Pirate tinkerer]: ok i'll be here when you have the stuff. As long as une doesn't find me.

When talking to him again:

[Pirate tinkerer]: You got my stuff?

[Player]: Yeah, you got mine?

[Pirate tinkerer]: Yep, here you go. Thanks.