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This article describes the player-owned vessel. For the NPC version, see Chimera-S.

The Chimera is a slow but powerful Destroyer.


The Chimera is a Turret-focused Destroyer. Its description proclaims it as an old U.N.E vessel. This ship makes up for its speed in with substantial Turret firepower.


The interior of the Chimera is surprisingly good for its class. You enter using a metal door on the side of the ship and then there is a carpeted corridor going 2 ways. The left way goes into a metal room with a core and detailed status reader. The right way goes past 2 chairs and up a small ramp to a single seated glass cockpit. There is also a picture of the creator of the ship


  • Extremely cheap.
  • Many Turrets.
  • Great Turret placement.
  • Good health.
  • Good cargo Hold for a Destroyer.
  • No large blind spots.


  • Slow speed for a Destroyer.
  • Relatively large size means it can be hit easier.
  • Rear can be damaged by small Fighters.
  • It's hard to use all turrets at once.


  • Go into suicidal missions as it is very cheap to build. Use this to your advantage by fighting in it until it is destroyed. Once it has been destroyed, you can easily just buy another one.
  • Moving in large groups of Chimera can be an effective strategy.
  • Should be used as a supporting ship.
  • To ensure all turrets have a clear line of sight on targets, don't engage targets head on; instead engage in broadside combat with the side of your ship facing the enemy.

Version History

  • Received a buff in .65a4? that increased the Chimera's health by 300 (100 to shields and 200 to hull).
  • Buffed in version .66b - received another turret, had its light laser changed to a light gatling laser, and had its acceleration buffed from 10 to 35.


  • Was the cheapest Destroyer, but got beaten by the Ibis.
  • There is an identical door on the port side of the ship, though it is solid and does not lead anywhere.
  • It's one of the commonly used starter Ships.
  • The engine piece on the back looks very similar to the engines on the Hasatan.
  • The antenna array on the top is the same as the one on the Devestation and Hasatan.
  • Sometimes good at defense, as its Turrets can cover all areas.