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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

This article describes the NPC ship. for the weaker, player-obtainable vessel, see Chimera.

The Chimera-S is a friendly U.N.E ship that passively hunts Kneall ships.


The Chimera-S is an upgrade to the standard Chimera Destroyer. It is, however, an AI ship and cannot be acquired by players. It has substantially more health and firepower and a higher top speed than its build menu counterpart, though it has less acceleration. It appears to be a newer version of the Chimera that is currently in U.N.E service.


The Chimera-S is often seen wandering around the map until it encounters a Kneall ship. If it encounters one, it will start to attack that ship, regardless of how big said ship is, calling for reinforcements as it does so. The Chimera-S alone could beat a Swarmer or even be a match for the Bruiser, however it is no match for a Punisher, but the Chimera-S may stand a chance when it calls in reinforcements.


Allow the Chimera-S to distract the Alien ships, while attacking them from further away than the Chimera-S, allowing you to remain mostly undamaged.


  • The Chimera-S drops 140 items of loot including 87 silicate, 46 carbon, and 7 iridium.


  • Due to the presence of the Chimera-S, many people feel safer when mining.
  • It belongs to the first new AI Faction in years
  • First U.N.E. NPC ship introduced.