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The Christmas 2018 Event was a Limited Event that was released on Galaxy servers December 20, 2018. It featured 6 new event ships, one quest event ship, 1 new giveaway ship, and 1 newly added Battlecruiser, along with a Christmas themed Mega Base. Like last year, Snowflakes can be found around the map and are used to build ships. The current line up for these new Christmas ships are as follows: The Cold Blood (Orion), the Arctic Sparrow (Osprey), the Ghost of Christmas Death (Phantom), the Clauspector (Prospector), the Snowy Advanced Miner (Advanced Miner), and the Frostapocalypse (Apocalypse). The giveaway ship was the Festive Wyrm, a Limited Event remodel of the Wyrm Freighter. The quest ship was the Frozen MRLS Launcher, a Limited Event remodel of the newly released MRLS Launcher Battlecruiser. The event has ended after its three to four week long duration on January 13, 2019; with buffs added to most of the Christmas 2018 Event ships.

We'd like to give a huge thank you to lighting8160, Wisccy, LordZeloxy, and Natercrawford for helping the Dev Team to build this year's ships.


  • The Wyrm is the second free ship to be remodeled into a giveaway. Last year, the starter mining ship, the Wasp, received was given out in a similar fashion in the forms of the Festive Wasp and Coal Wasp.
  • This event had an extreme focus on snow and ice when it came to the ships.