Christmas Event 2021

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Christmas Event 2021 is a limited time event that was held on the 25th of December, 2021. This year, the event ships comprise of those from the Christmas Event 2020, and several new event ships.

Similar to the Halloween Event 2021, the event has been split into two parts, each introducing their own event ships. The new NPCs that are introduced also drop Snowflakes, which are required to build the event ships. The Avellian Stronghold also drops 1 Blueprint A and Blueprint B, which are needed for future event quests

Note: the Christmas 2021 Event has been cancelled on the 12th of January

Part 1:

- Santa's Workshop (Miner)

- Toy Mega Base (Freighter)

- Christmas Tree (Battlecruiser)

- Snowsturm (Battlecruiser)

- Flea (Battlecruiser)

- Solstice (Battleship)

Part 2 introduces 3 new quests ships, which can be obtained by jumping up from the chimney at Mega Base:

- Mantid (Dreadnought)

- Shadowmane (Battleship)

- Khapri (Dreadnought)

- 2022 Ship (soup gon edition) (Cruiser)

With the new event comes new NPC ships, replacing the usual aliens that spawn:

- Alien Scout

- Alien Swarmer

- Alien Cranefly

- Alien Shadowstrike

- Alien Adversary (Boss NPC)

- Avellian Stronghold (Boss NPC)