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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Clauspector is a redesigned version of the Prospector Freighter made for the Christmas Event 2018 .


The Clauspector shares its chassis with one of the Prospector's old models. It's color scheme has been changed to fit the holiday. It has neon Snowflakes for engines and is draped in Christmas Lights.


The Clauspector has a very simplistic interior. In front of the teleporter pad you will find a simple pilot seat positioned behind the windows located at the front of the ship. Behind the teleporter pad you will find presents stacked up to the ceiling along with the logo decals of the 3 people who made it.


  • Decent health.
  • Fast top speed.


  • This is often seen as a jackpot for Pirates.
  • Defenseless.
  • Mediocre cargo hold.
  • Once lost, it can NEVER be re-obtained.


  • Do not use this ship during War.
  • Do not travel alone.
  • Don't travel without your Christmas spirit and snowballs.

Version History

  • Added in Version .65b.
  • Removed in version .75a37


  • The presents in the interior are currently broken and have been for the past 2+ years.
  • The in-game description says Hercules instead of Clauspector.
  • Has a Cargo Hold greater than Freighters like the Hercules, but not as much storage as the Prepravca.
  • It's one of the two Christmas Event 2018 ships to not be made out of snow or ice, instead being made out of white wood.
  • The description of the Clauspector spells the word "receiving" wrong.