Coal Wasp

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Coal Wasp is a Limited Event version of the Wasp known for its incredible speed.


The Coal Wasp is a Limited Event ship, a reskin of the Wasp.

The exterior is black and the boosters in the back are white. It is equipped with one Coal Mining Laser, just like a normal Wasp. It also has a unique part texture in honor of the "Coal" theme.

You could only get this ship by asking a Galaxy Admin on Christmas during the Christmas Event 2017.


Like the Wasp, the Coal Wasp has little interior.


  • Extremely high Top Speed, currently one the fastest non-admin ships in the game, maxing out at 500.
  • Hard to hit.


  • 2nd lowest health of any ship ever in Galaxy, with 30 total health, only behind Kodiak A with 2 total health; one hit FROM ALMOST ANYTHING and it's over.
  • Could only be obtained once via Admins.
  • Players wanting a prize kill will consider this a priority target, as it is now unobtainable and under 100 or so still exist.
  • Dies instantly to a small amount of Aliens, which usually target Miners.
  • The Turn Speed is low compared to its Top Speed, making the handling of the Coal Wasp somewhat awkward.
  • Virtually useless; it's nothing more than a nice trophy ship.


  • Treat this ship like a trophy. NEVER use it or sell it, unless you have a VIP Server and want to show it off.
  • Ask someone if they wanted coal for Christmas. They'll love this piece of coal.

Version History

  • Added in Update .60a.
  • Received a buff in Update .60d that boosted Top Speed from 175 to 500.
  • Warp Drive added in version .61h1?
  • Top Speed nerfed from 500 to the maximum top speed in an unknown version (500 > 400 > 380)
  • Put on the "Limited Editions (Permit)" build menu on version .73a3, now also requiring a Class E Permit.
  • Shields/Hull increased from 5/5 to 15/15, ore hold increased from 5 to 1000, small mining laser replaced with coal mining laser in version .73b3.


  • Galaxy Admins would give players this along with the Festive Wasp on Christmas Day during the Christmas Event 2017.
  • This ship is considered a meme because of its insane Top Speed (of 380), and extremely low total health (30).
  • One of the few limited event ships available for only one day including the Festive Wasp, 2018 Ship (surprise Raffle ship on Discord), and the United States of Razor.
  • Gatling Turrets are the only Turrets in the game that won't one-shot this ship.
  • Was one of the only ships without a Warp Drive for the longest time after its release, although it eventually obtained one alongside every other miner-class ship in version .61h1?