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The Cobra is a Destroyer Class Ship with very high offensive capabilities.


This ship is a very good choice for beginners. The exterior of the Cobra features two jets, four fins, a heavy armor plating, and rapid-fire phasers.


The interior contains ten seats for transporting passengers and a pilot control panel.


  • Excellent overall firepower and Turret placement.
  • Quite fast for its size and class.
  • One of the best choices as a starting ship.
  • Extremely deadly to shield based ships; its Spinal does massive damage and has a short reload speed.
  • Able to get to blind spots quickly.


  • Low Hull.
  • Due to most of the health belonging in shields, the Cobra is more vulnerable to enemy ships with mostly or all laser weapons, like the Bastion.
  • Does significantly less damage to hull than shields, though still considerable.
  • Rather large for a Destroyer, having the tendency to get hit by bigger turrets often.


  • This ship is excellent to deploy as a counterattack in a siege.
  • Can easily maneuver to the underside of a Battleship or any class above it to avoid incoming fire.
  • Try to use the ship's speed to outmaneuver and dodge incoming fire because of its low health pool.


  • This ship was originally based off a transport ship built by hamma1.
  • Appears similar to the Overlord transport ship from Kill-zone.
  • The name "Cobra" might have come from the creator's username.
  • When a cobra attempts to dock at Aqueous II it's wing will get stuck on the platform and will not dock.
  • One of the last ships in the game that still have a model that was created when the game was in alpha.
  • Has a limited counterpart, the Green Snake.