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Commands are specific codes/words used to execute a function within the game. They can be used to display statistics or lists, play music, or change servers. The default command tag in Galaxy is /. For example, to see your own logs you would type /log into the chat. This page only displays commands that are usable by every player, not restricted commands.

Command List

  • Age (Player Name) - Shows how many days old the specified player account is.
  • Shipcost or Cost (Ship Name) - Lists materials, warehouse level, and total cost to build a given ship.
  • Cmds or Commands - Shows a list of commands.
  • Version - Shows the version of the server you are in.
  • Admins - Lists all Galaxy Admins and the Galaxy Discord Server ID.
  • Log - Shows a log of all ship actions taken since a player first started (Ship kills, ships being destroyed, buying ships, selling ships, etc.).
  • Music (ID) - Plays a song from the player's current location. (Can only be done by admins or players with the Ship Stereo Gamepass).
  • Join (Player Name) - Joins the server/game the specified player is in. (Using this command to despawn a ship during a fight is bannable) This command is currently broken, once fixed, the message will be changed.
  • Roundstats - Displays all stats for that round. Includes base taxes paid, base income, round length, etc.
  • Info - Displays ship stats based on the information visible in the build menu, as well as some extra details
  • Turretinfo(Not to be confused with getturretinfo, which is not a public command) - Displays turret stats as well as if the stats are custom or not.
  • Inv(Only works on yourself, using the command on others only works for Galaxy Admins) - Displays your recorded data, such as quests completed, credits, warehouse level, warehouse inventory, etc.