Commercial Miner

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The Commercial Miner is a somewhat expensive but fast Miner.


The Commercial Miner is a Mining ship with very little interior but a large Ore Hold, designed to mine multiple Ores at once with fair efficiency. It is a large jump in price from the more affordable Miners like the Industrial Miner. It takes a minimum of 240 seconds to fill up its Ore Hold.


The Commercial Miner has almost no interior. There is just a large glass cockpit with one seat, no detail, and a floor with a metallic texture. The Miner docks with the cockpit facing the terminal.


  • 5 Small Mining Lasers provide quick mining speeds.
  • Decent amount of health.
  • Large Ore Hold.
  • Can mine multiple Ores at once.
  • High speed for its size.
  • High survivability because of its speed and decent amount of health.



  • Check the Minimap every 30 seconds for pirates or other foes.
  • Try to mine near your Starbase to decrease the chance of your ship being shot down.
  • Never mine in a War.
  • Mine in a Private Server if you have access to one.

Version History

  • Was added in update .61g
  • .61h1? - Warp Drive added.
  • Explosion range decreased from 80 to 60 in .65b
  • Two Small Mining Lasers switched out with a Medium Mining Laser in version .68e.
  • Received a remodel in version .69a2.
  • Ore hold was nerfed from 3000 to 2500.
  • Ore Hold increased back to 3000 from 2500 in version .72e1(?)


  • Many players skip this Miner due to its disadvantages.
  • Old model could mine broadside. Most of the Mining Lasers are on the left side of the ship once you sit down.