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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Consul is a powerful Battleship.


The Consul Class Battleship was developed to be able to maintain a fast attack, and then be able to quickly escape in battle. The lighter more compact body of the ship was created to allow for better speed and weapon placement to ensure it could maintain a presence in the midst of a fight. Named after a government position that many held in high esteem, the Consul is a tasteful example of a fine machinery and it's prized by the few who hold it. Built by the shipyards of Terran Remnant.


The Consul has little to no interior with one teleporter on the back of the ship to get out. It is pretty much a long rectangle with a pyramid. It's darkish blue with multiple turrets on top and turrets on the side and bottom. It is flanked by two wings with nothing on them.


  • No blind spots, besides a small one in the back.
  • Good shield and Hull damage from its 9 Turrets.
  • Great speed and maneuverability for a battleship.
  • Great for pirating.
  • Good as a first Battleship.


  • No spinal capabilities.
  • Hard to aim all Turrets at the same time.
  • Rather low DPS for a Battleship.


  • This ship is an excellent choice against other battleships.
  • Get in your opponent's blind spots.
  • Try to stay in ranges or at angles that maximize the turret lines of sight.
  • Turn your ship sideways when fighting ships above/below you so your Triple Heavy Lasers and Heavy LR Laser are both in field of view.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .66b.
  • Shields reduced to 3000 and Hull reduced to 2350 in version .69a1.
  • Explosion size 75 ----> 300 .75a12
  • Was Removed from build menu due to a unfixable bug in an unknown version.
  • Was returned to the build menu later.
  • Removed in .76d28


  • The first model resembled the 'London - class Battleship' from Halo.