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Copypasta in Galaxy is commonly found in the Galaxy Discord Server. Below documents all of the copypasta known in the Galaxy Discord Server

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Copypasta Creator
Hello everyone, a concerned dad here. Recently my 16 year old son discovered the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” after watching it at a friends house. While I didn’t mind at first, it soon began to affect his character. Within a week, he had taken a persona "rocket raccoon". When asked to do his homework, he called me a “stupid freaking human” father and did a strange dance. His grades have been dropping heavily since that day and whenever i refuse to give him my credit card for nitro he threatens me saying he'll "steal my batteries". Yesterday I entered his room to witness him listening to "Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack 9 hour loop ", he has stuffed pillows under his shirt and now calls himself a "Head Admin." He refuses to go to school unless we “jump gate” there. I don’t know what that is but he refuses to take any form of transportation except that. Please I am so concerned, what do I do Samicool
In the case Galaxy falls from the Exploiter attack, I'd like to thank everyone for being apart of the community. While we all have our flaws and great things, that's what brought us together. We may hate each other for whatever reason, but deep down, all of us together are a large family. A family I am honored to have staff. I hope galaxy isn't removed, but I don't know anymore. If it is, hopefully we can still chat in the disc, but that's an unknown. Again, thank you everyone for the good memories, and the bad.


Jaxumi92 (SmokeyJoe38).

Hi, I purchased a Galaxy VIP game pass but I didn't get my galaxy, how do I request a refund? Can I have my galaxy back, plz. I bought the Galaxy VIP pass but I do not have the ship. Plz, help. I need to know how to request a refund. I don't know what to do anymore. I really want myGalaxy back but nobody is helping me, I have log proof of my Galaxy VIP purchase but I do not see the ship in my list, I rejoined the game 5 times, and had done so for the past 4 days. Is Galaxy VIP a scam? I want my robux refund instead thanks. ???
So what happens when you forget you are at war? Let me tell you the tale of Dragoslays theia. A true genius who worked with a friend to kill a Prototype x-2. In his ingenious mind, he thought it would be fine to warp to his friend, xICamm's base. In the history of Galaxy, never has there been a bigger gamma moment than this. He forgot that he was at war with the largest team in the server and promptly got dived. Succeeding to warp close to his base, he docked but just as he was about to spawn, his hand accidentally pressed the "Buy Menu" button, costing him two crucial seconds. And that ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you forget you are at war dragoslays
okay i actually have to explain myself people are shitting on me because they think i was to scared to dive the theia before the x-2. thats half true and half not. normally when i play galaxy and kill people i think about what i would do next if i would be in the other peoples position. if i was the theia i would have warped 80k in the direction of my base and then warped to mega to despawn, so the protos had warp cooldown and i could survive. this is why i waited i wanted to see if the theia gamma warps or just does a short warp. second, sure i was scared, i had no clue if i can trust shocking (xps) or if i cant. if he would have awoxed me i would have the green theia his proto and yellow sc on me. and if the theia despawned and one of our people in purple spawned his theia i would have died without having a chance to despawn spaten_fisch1 (Kavstusion)
Well maybe if they refunded my Hype you can destroy it again some time. It was really fun while it lasted . For context I lost my Hyperion and Theia within one day of buying them because of experiences like these. I guess its all apart of the game LOL. Can't think of any reason I should be mad at this. Happy Holidays! P.S. It still doesn't show in my logs for whatever reason. Cheifhayden
I hate war. So much. I can’t keep a single god damn ship because of it. In my opinion it ruins the game. If anyone knows of any other space-type games like this one where I don’t have to deal with being swarmed by giant war ships, feel free to message me. But I don’t think I want to play Galaxy anymore. I’m not sure why I’m telling you guys this since you’re probably just gonna be toxic like everyone else but I am anyway. spellmynameright
You know what, screw this game. I gave it up for a reason. I get on to play for the first time in months, and my Galaxy gets dock blocked, and now I can't even get it freaking REFUNDED? I was right about this game when I left, RC is driving this into the ground. Screw Galaxy, screw this server, and screw whoever's idea it was to make Galaxy non-refundable!! ???
Hi, I am a player of your Roblox game, Galaxy, and it has come to my attention that the Nimitz has not been added back into the game. After waiting for a large amount of time, I have run out of patience. A few months back, I lost my Nimitz (and this was during the Nimitz removal), hence making me lose my Nimitz forever. Also, recently before the removal, I purchased this carrier, but then it went off sale.

Now, here's a deal. I PURCHASED this ship with ROBUX in Galaxy Arcade, so a refund is the correct course of action, as the staff should have common sense. A refund action would be either returning my Nimitz, or giving me another ship of my choosing.

If I cannot be refunded, this is unacceptable, as I spent ROBUX on it, which costs real money. No refund would force me to quit your game and report you to Roblox for scamming. I will wait for a response. I'm tired of waiting. It's been months.

Sincerely, David (7DavidB)

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth p2wlord The stupid? I thought not. It’s not a story the gammas would tell you. It’s a p2w legend. Darth p2w was a Dark Lord of the bobux, so powerful and so wise he could use the bobux to influence rc to buy credits… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even buy scs. The dark side of the bobux is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he bought everything he coukd, then his debt collection agency killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could buy any ship, but at a price Komet07_TheNew
I find my warning in the FOB Discord (For the game called Field of Battle on the ROBLOX Platform) incredibly foolish. My intentions in the message were to ask a simple question "Would I be instantly banned in the fob discord server if I were to recite the word known in short as the sh slur." I was given an answer then given a warning by a moderator, I found such harsh action(s) very unwarranted as I did not say the full word which is not bypassing. Other people (moderators I assume) who were there with me had not moderated me for it, as they saw that it was not worth the effort to moderate someone for such a small infraction. But this certain moderator whom moderated me had done the unforgiveable; moderating Sugondese who is known as the Galaxy Scripter and future Galaxy Owner. Why must I be warned for something so small? It does not make sense to me. Please, madame Blackprincess1, I ask that you remove this warning from me as I have not caused any harm to any individual through my message. If anything this warning has caused a great deal of mental suffering for me, I was shaking and crying and drinking my coca cola during the whole debate. All in all, please remove my warning. It was very unwarranted. Thank you for your time. smallketchup82 (sugondese)
kid. sit down mutt. i own you breh. little boy acting tough huh. boutta get smacked up fr. watch your mouth child. i got 0.9 more kd then you. thats almost a whole ship breh. on god your trash bozo. 🚬 Bronzidity
kid. sit down mutt. i own you breh. little boy acting tough huh. boutta get smacked up fr. i ate yo dragon breakfast. its in my carnage. wanna bet? thats a whole ship breh. on god your trash. combat rewards paid for my meal. awoxing on the daily. speak up so i can hear you. i got 21m carnage total, thats 17m more than you got. dont talk to me. i aint dropping a sweat. actual retard. shut yo mouth, please. id. sit down mutt. i own you breh. little boy acting tough huh. boutta get smacked up fr. watch your mouth child. i got 0.9 more kd then you. thats almost a whole ship breh. on god your trash bozo. 🚬 Bronzidity
我喜歡tennhausen t=hsip 因為我用tennhasuien shi pand 獲得了很多mkills 它的rellly goo d 它真的很懶惰sho pand 你需要做的就是在thjem 下方扭曲所以我得到了很多olf kills tjhough 我不玩abn yore sand所以我把它賣了,我記得 prenerf 地圖集是 rll;y gokd lkik,e 太好了,它是一個較弱的 cha[er(mujchn 便宜)(死亡的價格)P seuprcaptial 它是史詩般的 ik ofdnt 喜歡amrageddon ship 因為它是 aa hu;;坦克和 ; lposters 潛水然後死我死,因為他們很笨,他們完全潛水而且 tmy 團隊 odnt 治療pand its rellly goo dan d 它真的很懶惰 sho panand 你需要做的就是在 thjem 下方扭曲,所以我得到了很多 olf 殺 tjhough 我不玩 abn yore sand 所以我賣了它我喜欢tennhausen t=hsip 因为我用tennhasuien shi pand 获得了很多mkills 它的rellly goo d 它真的很懒惰sho pand 你需要做的就是在thjem 下方扭曲所以我得到了很多olf kills tjhough 我不玩abn yore sand所以我把它卖了,我记得 prenerf 地图集是 rll;y gokd lkik,e 太好了,它是一个较弱的 cha[er(mujchn 便宜)(死亡的价格)P seuprcaptial 它是史诗般的 ik ofdnt 喜欢amrageddon ship 因为它是 aa hu;;坦克和 ; lposters 潜水然后死我死,因为他们很笨,他们完全潜水而且 tmy 团队 odnt 治疗pand its rellly goo dan d 它真的很懒惰 sho panand 你需要做的就是在 thjem 下方扭曲,所以我得到了很多 olf 杀 tjhough 我不玩 abn yore sand 所以我卖了它 Bronzidity (?)
帶回曙光Bring Back Sugon取消禁止太陽神Unban Helios二零二一年服務器大崩潰 The Great Server Crash of 2021 反載波鬥爭 The Anti-Carrier Struggle 偉大的人工智能戰鬥機群 The Great AI Fighter Swarm 人權 Human Rights 市場操縱Market Manipulation 自由基地 Freedom Base 巨型基地Mega Base 勒索軟件攻擊 Ransomware attack 管理員濫用 Admin Abuse 新疆伽馬自治區 The Xinjiang Gamma Autonomous Region 彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Rcouret 劉曉波动态网自由 Kneal Carrier jagbattleduty0160 (?)
What is a Gamma Player, you ask? You don't have to be someone that plays in Gamma. You just gotta be stupid enough to lose your ships in the most unimaginable and most ridiculous ways possible. This includes sieging, diving a Super Capital alone, or just doing things that are bound to get you killed. So you see, it doesn't matter if you played in Beta, or even in Alpha. If you're inexperienced, you are a Gamma Player. EnterpriseEnder
THE ADMINS HERE ARE EVIL! I decided to exploit on their game to automine not only uranium but also i began to cryptomine sc permits. It was so amazing and i became the RICHEST player in town until one fateful day i wake up in my basement garbage pile, i slither over to my 1995 desktop, i boot up the computer, and after having to install an update that took about 17 hours to install, i go to and play galaxy. But when i join the game i get a little message saying i was BANNED by the server admins! YEP THATS RIGHT BANNED! I GOT BANNED FOR SIMPLY USING A FLAW IN THE GAMES CODE TO MY ADVANTAGE! THIS GAME IS EVIL I TELL YOU! EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!! Aezvetys (?)
Today, Halloween part 2 was released! I was so happy, and I wanted to start grinding immediately. I found the requirements for the ships online, and got out of bed. I noticed something strange: all of my family's ships looked like humans! I realized SuperChip15 must have updated ships to look like your real life avatar, so I relaxed. I grabbed an Abbadon's Arrow from the kitchen side and destroyed my dog, giving me 10,000 bounty and some Souls. Yes! I was already on my way to making Prikkit! Moving on, I quickly destroyed my Gamma parents, making sure to spam L as I did. I also remembered the quests need Forgotten Souls, so I attacked my brother, and dived him when he warped out the window. After that, I went to the turret store, but was confused when all the turrets looked like guns. I guessed it was another SuperChip15 change so I bought a Dual Heavy Railgun and warped to the server's Mega Base. When I arrived, I could not believe how many ships were there! I hastily warred them and began destroying them. I laughed: I couldn't wait to check my logs! However, one Gamma used their phone to mutlibox and bait UNE to Mega Base! Even though they had turrets as well, I effortlessly destroyed them, screaming "RIP BOZO" at their wrecks, as I reaped more Forgotten Souls from them. Then, something unbelievable happened. The UNE Subjugator spawned! It said something about "cease" and "desist" but I didn't care, because I couldn't believe they added voicelines to Galaxy! When I tried warping away, it fired at me, destroying my ship. While it was really cool, it is extremely OP, and I lost many souls!! Thank you SuperChip15 for this event, but please please nerf UNE Subjugator!!!!! loudboom46
Its been years and i have not gotten a single preos hearts, i have wasted my 100 hours just to get no preos hearts, its like im in this game, trapped farming for years just to get preos heart for adult quest, im been farming all night just to get nothing, its like im losing everything, wasting my mom's credit cart just to p2w this game but still no preos hearts, i played this all day and i fell unconscious, next day i waked up at the hospital and i see hearts and it looks like a ####ing preos heart, im been trapped in this game, farming for endless hours, you cant die in this game, your just gonna respawn. Everyone got preos adult except me, my friends are laughing at me because i didnt got the preos adult. Shouldnt have played this game, now im stuck in this endless loop of farming. ???
Everyone, my day is ruined. My favourite Roblox Galaxy Developer and Scripter, smallketchup82 (AKA Sugondese, for those less educated) has committed an atrocious act. I woke up this morning and rolled out of my bed, then, as my mother carried me into my chair with great difficulty, I opened Discord. I noticed that smallketchup82 was hosting a Fortnite livestream. At first, I was overjoyed, as Fortnite is my favourite game, and I love all the female characters especially. However, when I joined the stream to see if I could join smallketchup82's party, I saw him taking part in a horrific practice. smallketchup82, the respected Galaxy developer, was FINISHING KNOCKED-OUT PLAYERS IN FORTNITE! In outrage, I immediately blocked him, and left the Galaxy Discord server. I've posted my story on and I have gotten 9.7k upvotes so far. smallketchup82 is a public menace and I HIGHLY advise you avoid him AT ALL COSTS!!! loudboom46
Hello everyone, Rocket_GotG's trusted friend, Peter Quill here. Recently my pal Rocket discovered the video game "Galaxy Gamma" after playing it in his quarters with Groot. While I didn't mind at first, it soon began to affect his behaviour. Within a week, he had been "Grinding" and yelling "Die Gamma" while laughing. When asked to save the galaxy, he called me a "Gamma A-hole" from top of his lungs and mocked my dance moves. His life been degrading heavily and his snarky attitude grown worse, picked up many fights in a bar and whenever I refuse to give him my Units for 'robux' he threatens me saying he'll "Blast me outta the Airlock with 'Gamma' written on my forehead". Yesterday I entered his room, listening to "Galaxy Gamma Combat Music", he said "Their music are so much better than ya choice of genre, Peter Gamma". He refuses to save the galaxy unless we "warp" there. Sure, we're in a ship, but warp isn't the same as jumping... Please I am so concerned, what do I do? Rocket_GotG
Hi everyone. Worried coach here. I run a team for under 16's in football, and one of our team's best players has recently become hooked on a game named Galaxy. One night, during a practice match, I came over and asked him if he was okay, as he was not performing as well. He told me to "shut up Gamma" and started shouting all about "carnage", "protos" and "lucy". I assume this is some sort of drug, so I immediately contacted the boy's parents. Next training he refused to take part in activities so I confronted him again. He told me that he wanted to switch teams because his team, which he kept calling his "faction", was full of "Gammas" who are "scared to dive the ball". He then stormed off the pitch, saying that "he had no loyalty" anyway. After that, he did not show up at any of our games, telling me that "his warp was on cooldown" or "he was grinding for next event". I'll be honest, I'm starting to think this "event" is some sort of gang thing, and I'm thinking the boy is a lost cause. Anyone know what I should do? loudboom46
Hello everyone, a concerned dad here. Recently my 16 year old son discovered the video game “Galaxy” after playing it at a friends house. While i didn’t mind at first, it soon began to affect his character. Within a week, he had taken up "sieging" and "diving". When asked to do his homework, he called me a “gamma” father and did a strange dance. His grades have been dropping heavily since that day and whenever i refuse to give him my credit card for robux he threatens me saying he'll "dockblock me". Yesterday I entered his room to witness him listening to "Galaxy Gamma Combat Music", he has stuffed pillows under his shirt and now calls himself an "alpha." He refuses to go to school unless we “warp” there. I don’t know what that is but he refuses to take any form of transportation except that. Please I am so concerned, what do I do? NotHyperion (?)
Guys guys devs are evil! They only fix the game to break it again guys! omg guys we need to riot against the admin team they banned my favorite admin Purpel!! It was just doing their job how dare all of you guys they just wanted to right click some poor souls! Such based I'm giving this game a bad review on the forums! Im a youtuber with over 10m followers on youtube! Guys please notice my exitance! Schooner (?)
Hey can someone tell me why my ship died here: We were attaking a base, with a proto x-1, a couple liegionarres, a tenna, and my apoc. The other team's x-1 spesifically targets my apoc, and I warp like three times away from them, and they keep chasing me to my death. why me? ???
Sorry, don't speak to me until you grow up. Uglycar
okay so It’s a normal day and I’m being my e class that I just got on it’s maiden voyage. I’m looking around at our enemies bases. no dreads, carriers or supercaps just a bunch of low level ships. I wrap 6k away from mega and I see 1 battle ship, a dread and a cruiser or a destroyer. and instantly 2k away from my health and I’m thinking “was there a hidden super cap or something?” I warp to docking range already have jumped into and out of my seat before warping and again BOOM I’m dead. I look and see…supercoolgamerboy127’s schimitar and a solstice, dreads still on there way when I see supercoolgamerboy127 zip around like a madman like he did while his team were doing a drive on our base

(Sorry max words) so I basically died to a schimitar and a solstice in a 10k plus health freighter in less then 30 seconds. Im super pissed of that the e class I made the same day was destroyed on its maiden voyage by a hacker in a schimitar. If you don’t believe me about the hacker then ask esylumcloud because he was there when supercoolgamerboy was speeding around our base. I’m really sad about my e class and I’m shure supercoolgamerboy127 has destroyed a bunch of other people in his schimitar already. I really want my e class refunded because I’m already broke from making the previous one.

Important news @SuperSlavMan76 Is a rat (snitch) don’t speak to him (he will call the opps on you ) teentitansgohomee
have you not realized that the community that is present here has already coped with the fact that rc has made the game worse shooter7620
You are worthless, bitch-ass gamma. Your life literally is as valuable as a summer ant. I’m just gonna stomp you, you keep coming back. I’m gonna seal up all my cracks, you’re gonna keep coming back. Why? ‘cuz you keep grinding for content, you worthless bitch-ass gamma. You’re gonna grind in this game until you DIE. This game serves no purpose in life. Your purpose in life is to be playing this game, grinding for mats daily. Your purpose in life is to lose your ships daily.

This game is NOTHING. It serves ZERO purpose. You should stop playing this game NOW! And give your computer a much better game to install and play so you can enjoy a much more superior game because what are you here for? To worship rc? STOP PLAYING THIS GAME. I mean that with a hundred per cent, with a THOUSAND-percent.

Dear Rocket,

I’m messaging you again about doman90’s demotion. He needs to be demoted immediately today he said I smelled like cheese and it brought back a flashback of a traumatic experience when the lunch lady said “no more cheese sticks left kid” it was really insensitive and he knew that he should have not said what he said. I’d also like to report Samicoo who should be insta banned because of his continuous support of doman90. Lastly is DylanTheVillain101 I believe he should be demoted and not be able to run for staff again after his continued support of samicoo and domans insolence or as they like to call it “messing around” and “jokes”.

Love you, Miss SmokeyJoe

Why do you want to even to join so badly, we're not even all that great of a group and barely kill super capitals, half of us is inactive half the time because of work or real life issues. You're literally friend and ahrii and last i checked he is a well known awoxer which you also took part in, in the end OTG isn't even a faction it's just a group of friends amongst other friend that everyone feels comfortable being around with which I can guarantee to you, absolutely no one feels comfortable with you being in said friend group. InfamousZumi
Oh no, I can care less if my ships die by people like you, I can simply rebuild it with a few flicks of a wrist because I am just that kind of p2w player InfamousZumi
yeah but my suggestion was solid and prototype only moderated me because a dev advisor pinged him too, proto never moderates suggestions so i feel like this was a targetted stalking and moderation because proto wanted to awox me XmasDementia
It's a blessing that I get to be in a discord server and not get banned after sharing my C: drive. Krampus (K1LLSHOTS)
Hello everyone I won't be online for some years due to some task that I have to do
This task is a bit risky and can result in me never coming online
So yeah I would come online only when an update is released in galaxy
Pls don't ping me during this period
I can't say how many years it is gonna take
But lets just think it is 5 years
I like when I join this game expecting to be able to mine without getting chased by some guy in a dispossable ship looking for that ez kill to then say "ez ez ez ez gg no re" :/ spy8273
and AI wouldn't make carriers busted IF THE DEVS actually PUT A CAP on how many you can get ManiacalBoom
@rcouret hello yes can you nerf ai fighters because the overabundance of full strength ai fighters has resulted in the biggest break in game balance since turret standardization and has caused carriers to be nerfed into the ground so hard that many are now useless without ai fighter swarms, some carriers have been nerfed to hard to counter ai fighters that they have lost more than 10,000 health in the past month. This is not good game design.

Making a class so strong because of ai fighter spam broke the games balance, and forced devs to nerf carriers hard. Do to carriers being nerfed so badly, many are outright garbage that get outperformed by nearly every other capital unless players buy ai slots to make them somewhat useable. No players want to pilot fighters anymore when the fighters themselves are getting nerfed and made irrelevant individually, because nobody wants to pilot warpless ships with worse damage than a destroyer when they could just spawn a battleship or battlecruiser instead.

Literally just code something that reduces the damage of ai fighters by 50% or something, because right now this is just messing up balance and causing bad game design

to all of the people that get combat ships and kill defenceless miners, burn in hell for eternity, i wish you nothing but hatred and hell in your miserable life, may it always be in pain and nothing go your way, die. You gys ruin ma ship and loot it for the crappy silicate it HAS?? legit, man go to hell and Burn. qwertykiller475
This community is so unfunny. Nowdays people would just put a nerd emoji under a chat bubble and reply to someone with the image implying that they are a nerd, galaxy sucks, arcade sucks even more and p2w games shouldn't exist. I can't believe you worship this game instead of the impeccable garlic bread, if you don't worship garlic bread then you have the IQ of nothing. Worship the garlic bread! OOOO_01O
name: trompicholis08l

ship: hyperion reason: died while i entered base late do despawn

User: 0_tag1

Ship: oblivion Reason: I was in a normal server when a guy started talking to me and we started to be friends, he invited me to a private server to grind little did i knew it was a total bait and scam... mb i won't be able to get refunded , this was my first SC that got me excited... i lost it just 5 days after what a petty, used 5 Hours of my life every single day for a stupid game to lose it in only 5 days. !Everyone be careful with this big of a scam and a bait, you can see in the video how 20 ppl! joined and laughed at a poor man getting baited with his fiers sc. What a shame of a community, WHAT a SHAME on big game and a big community THE SCAMMER A MEMBER OF THIS GALAXY GAME CALLED "MODERATOR" @#refund 0_tag1 WHAT A PETTY OF A MODERATOR

The galaxy staff is so corrupt, all they do is :addship whatever they want to themselves and kill people with their cheated ships. I’ve personally experienced this when an admin I haven’t met yet killed me multiple times despite being an admin! You hear that? AN ADMIN KILLED ME!!! That should be against the rules and it’s disgusting that rcouret permits this kind of behavior among his staff team. Also im like 99% sure that admin rapidofast cheated in his retro nyx so yeah. I’m leaving this corrupt community forever and never coming back. Colonel_Merk
You will rot and be blown through the solar system with the rest of the gasses ???
I'm shutting down this server. I will take my time to take all the evidence into my folder and bring it up to authorities that's managing discord/ those who have the power to takedown this awful server once and for all. For as long as it takes until this server no longer exists or the Founder/ the one managing this game decides to reform this entire messed up server. Send me all the insults you want. I'm blocking anyone who sends it to me, so the more the better. I'm ignoring all DM's and anything you send to me will be filed for evidence. DivaliciousBunny

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