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The Corvid is a relatively large Turret-based hull breaker Destroyer.


The Corvid is a powerful Destroyer with good firepower and health. The Corvid boasts 5 Light Railguns and 1 Medium Railgun on the belly of the ship, and 2 Tiny Cannons on the sides. It has great speed and moderate health, but due to its price, it isn't the best starting warship for new players. It is a really good option for when you can afford it though.


The entrance in the back leads to short hallway, eventually ending at the pilot's seat. There are also rooms to the left and right with a kitchen/sleeping area and fire extinguisher. In the middle of the hallway are some stairs that lead to a bottom floor with a 2nd exit below the docking point.


  • Good Price.
  • Great for chipping away at larger ships such as battlecruisers or battleships.
  • It's great agility makes up for it's bulk.
  • Great Turret firepower.
  • Balanced Shield and Hull stats.
  • Great Hull damage.


  • Large body makes it an easy target for more inaccurate weaponry when not using it's speed to your advantage.
  • Mediocre shield damage.
  • Expensive compared to other options.
  • Low Shield Damage.


  • Use the Corvid to chip away at Capital Ships.
  • Keep a distance of about 5k - 6k above the enemy ship, and bombard the enemy with your 6 railgun.
  • Use paired with capital ships.
  • In a fleet, help your teammates finish off hulled ships.
  • If you are a lower score, this ship may be a bit expensive for you, so warp away when you are hulled. Because of your balanced shield / hull ratio, your hull should be able to resist the damage while you charge your warp.

Version History

  • The Corvid got a buff with extra Turrets and a lower cost in an unknown version.
  • 2 Light Flak Cannons got changed to 2 Light Gatling Cannons in version .62_dbg03.
  • Remodeled in version .66k?
  • A Light Gatling Laser replaced a Light Railgun on the side of the ship in version .75a5


  • Once considered useless, the ship is now more viable in PVP than it was before the buff.
  • Used to be the cheapest Destroyer upon release.
  • Held on to its alpha model longer than most ships.
  • It has two entrances, one on the top which is the one used to dock, and one on the bottom. Both are on the back.