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The Cranefly is an alien AI ship.


The Cranefly is similar to a Battleship in power, health and size. Its armed to the teeth with railgun turrets that will tear apart the hull of most ships, and equipped with balanced spinal firepower to retain effective shield damage output.

When in combat a Cranefly will call all other Aliens to come to the battlefield, causing them to become very dangerous if there are a lot in the server.

Cranefly's are more likely to attack Miners and Freighters, so stay alert and look at the Minimap every few minutes when Mining or Trading


  • Cranefly's alone are easy to attack with Battleships due to their slow turning speed and turret placement.
  • Recommended not to attack if a number of other Aliens are in the server.
  • Use a ship with shield to tank.
  • Use a shield breaker.
  • Warp away on destruction (if close) to avoid explosion damage.


Cranefly drop 60 Snowflakes (at the 2021 Christmas event)


  • Apart of the 2021 Christmas Avellian Fleet.
  • Used to easily clear the server of aliens if led to a starbase.
  • Is the Alien version of the Solstice
  • Has terrible turning speed