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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Cranefly is an Avellian AI Battleship that was introduced as an alternative to the Punisher in the Christmas Event 2021.


The Cranefly is an Avellian ship that has a unique design, somewhat resembling the real-life Crane fly in the way that its thin body leads on to a long snout. It is similar to its playable counterpart, the Solstice, in power and health. The same model is used for both ships.

Just like the Punisher, it will call all other aliens to its location when under attack by a player or another AI ship, making it particularly difficult to deal with.


  • A singular Cranefly can be beaten by mere frigates due to its slow turnspeed and inaccurate armament.
  • Try to use a shield-heavy ship against it (such as the Judgement) as the Cranefly sports a hull-shredding loadout, or use a speedy swarm of smaller ships as to not get hit at all.
  • Recommended not to attack alone if a number of other Aliens are in the server.
    • Alternatively, lure to a Starbase with a fast ship and draw their fire while the base's weaponry shreds the fleet.


  • Drops 30 Snowflakes.


  • One of the only NPC Avellian (and by extent Slarfie) ships in the game, the others being the Scout, the Shadowstrike and the Adversary, all introduced in the same event.