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The Crucible is a Spinal-focused Destroyer.


The Crucible is a fast Spinal Destroyer that can deal massive damage for its class. It stands out by having a red trail behind it.


The interior of this ship is very small. With only a small pilot seat and a screen (decal), the ship's interior is entered through a nocollide block at the top.


  • High Spinal firepower.
  • Fast and agile.
  • Very good turn speed.
  • Small and hard to hit for larger ships.
  • High shield for its class.
  • Useful in swarms against larger ships.
  • Greater than average destroyer health.


  • Low hull health.
  • If you can't aim Spinals then you will have a serious problem doing damage to anything.
  • Easier to spot and track due to its trail.


  • Hunt for larger targets or in groups as you are very unlikely to be hit by larger turrets.
  • Use the speed, along with the quick reloading Spinals to pirate small miners effectively.

Version History

  • Added in .65a.
  • Tiny Cannon spinal count reduced from 6 to 4 in version .65b.
  • Spinal barrel count reduced from 4/4 to 3/3 in version .66b.
  • 3 Small Phasers removed, 1 Small Cannon, 2 Light Lasers, 2 Tiny Lasers and 1 Tiny Flak Cannon added and received a remodel in version .72c.
  • Cannon count changed from 6 to 3 in version .72f
  • Loadout changed from 4 Tiny Phasers/3 Small Cannons to 2 Small Phasers/4 Small Cannons in version .73a3


  • Its cannon Spinals actually shoot in two different directions if you don't aim them.
  • Has an event version, the Patriotic Crucible.