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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.


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The Crystocrene is a Battleship added during the 2020 Christmas event.


The Crystocrene is a winter-themed Battleship added in version .69f after the Antares Comet collided with Aqueous II. The quest to obtain it can be found on the planet by finding a red sphere in the snowman cave.


A small room with moderate detail. The pilot seat is sat up a set stairs surrounded by purple monitors with blue and red projectors. Along the sides of the room are piles of ice and a teleporter in the back of the room.


  • High Shield health.
  • Armed with 4 Large Turrets, a good amount for a Battleship.
  • High Hull damage.
  • Overall good health and damage output for a Battleship.
  • Good spinals.
  • Good at sieging due to having 4 Icy Artillery Cannons.
  • Flex a limited hidden quest battleship in Christmas 2020 event.


  • Low Hull health.
  • The slowest ship of its class.
  • Shield damage isn't as high as Hull damage.
  • Requires 60 Snowflakes, which can be difficult to get.
  • As a Limited ship, it is a large target.
  • Once destroyed, you can't get it back.


  • Stay away from Shield-breakers as the Crystocrene is very easy to kill without its Shields.
  • Focus on unshielded targets to deal the most damage.

Version History

  • It used to have a total of 2 Heavy Icy Artillery Cannons, 4 Medium Icy Artillery Cannons and 2 Frosty Triple Heavy Lasers when this ship was released in version .69[!] ~ .71[?]
  • Large Phaser count increased to 4, gained 4 Medium Cannons, Medium Advanced Autolaser and Advanced Autocannon changed to 2 Medium Crystal Railguns in version .72c20.
  • 2 Medium Crystal Railguns changed to 2 Medium Artillery Cannons and hull buffed from 1500 to 2250 in version .72c20.


  • The first person to lose this was BADZAMAN to GalaxyGrinder2319's Apocalypse.
  • Can be found on Aqueous II by finding a red sphere in the snowman cave.
  • The quest for the ship only takes 60 snow flakes instead of 75 which the quest tells you.
  • You can solo a level 3 starbase.
  • The ship has custom sounds for its spinal phasers.
  • You can no longer solo starbases without replenishing shields at local starbases since most siege weapons including limiteds have same range as regular ones.
  • Practically a baby Antares