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This page shows all content that has been in the game but has since been removed.

Shield Effects

When you would get shot at or you were shooting a planet or station there would be Shield effects. These were removed because they caused too much lag.



The first planet in the game was actually Earth, not Frion I. In Pre-Alpha and Alpha you would spawn on this planet and the faction menu would come up. You were able to drive to the planet as it was slightly under the world. It was removed for unknown reasons.

Earth edited.jpg

Toyota AE85

This admin ship was replaced with the Flying Car.


Previous Event Ships, Mega Bases, NPC's And Items

This Includes the Halloween Mega Base, Christmas Mega Base, Halloween Events, Christmas Events, Headless Horseman, Halloween Luca Sky, Halloween Quest, Space Pumpkin, Halloween Billy Ray Joe, Christmas Luca Sky, Christmas Billy Ray Joe, Space Pumpkin, Yeti Quest, Grim Reaper and the Snowflake.

2016 Halloween Hawklight & Grievion

In 2016 there was a Halloween Event that added pumpkins onto the Hawklight and Grievion.

Military HQ

The Military HQ was only around to advertise Star Wars Rogue One for the sponsored event in 2016.

Military HQ.png


All Eclipse models and the ship itself have been removed due to too many parts and causing too much server lag.

Damage By Ramming

In Pre-Alpha, you could actually damage and deal damage to your ship or another ship via ramming but this was quickly removed due to players constantly killing themselves by warping into ores.