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The Cyclops is a siege-focused Dreadnought that is primarily focused on hull damage.


The Cyclops was the first siege Dreadnought that was added into the game. It has decent Shields and 6 Medium Railguns for shredding Hull, backed up by its Lasers to bring down enemy Shields. There is a Vanguard Coalition logo at the back of the entrance room.


When you first enter the interior using a teleporter on the back, you are greeted with a room that has 4 chairs and computers. There is also a large hologram of a planet in the middle of the room. There are two small hallways to the bridge. The seat somewhat resembles that of the old Prototype X-2 but blue.


  • Powerful Spinals do extra Hull damage in addition to Turrets.
  • Fairly flat for its size potentially helping in dodging incoming fire when facing directly away or toward.
  • Good firing arcs.
  • Decent Hull damage.


  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Cannot defend itself from small Ships all too well.
  • Shield damage isn't as high as Hull damage.
  • Very sluggish mobility, can be outmaneuvered by ships with high maneuverability easily.
  • Performs poorly at PvP due to the sluggish maneuverability and poor overall damage output compared to other Dreadnoughts.


  • Use this for finishing off hulled Starbases.
  • Try and find an ally with a Zeus or Sagittarius as the combination will rip through both Shield and Hull.
  • Can be used to fend off other Dreadnoughts in an anti-siege. The starbase would cripple enemy shields, letting this ship decimate the weakened attackers with its high hull damage.

Version history

  • It received a buff to its Spinals so that it fires 3 shots instead of just 1.
  • Received a buff to its interior in .60d1 that gave it an additional second floor.
  • Received a nerf to its interior in .60h that removed its second floor and got remodeled too.
  • The exterior was recolored in .62d2
  • Buffed in .64c, 2 Railguns replaced with 2 Dual Railguns, and 1 Railgun removed.
  • .65a5 replaced its weapons with 6 Dual Medium Cannons and 3 Triple Heavy Lasers, giving it an extra Laser Turret.
  • Its Dual Medium Cannons were replaced with single barrel Medium Cannons.
  • Medium Cannons were switched out with Medium Railguns in version .65b.
  • Received another remodel in .65b that looks uncannily similar to an Alien Punisher (and subsequently semi-close to a Prototype X-2).
  • Replaced 2 of its 3 Heavy Lasers with Triple Heavy Lasers in .66b
  • Replaced 6 Medium Railguns with 6 Dual Medium Cannons in .66b
  • Shields buffed from 4200 to 5200 in .66b
  • Shields buffed from 5620 to 6250 in version .66m.
  • 1 Capital Laser changed to 1 Triple Heavy Laser and 6 Triple Heavy Cannons changed to 6 Medium Railguns in version .69a1.
  • Meshing issues were fixed in version .69a2.


  • The Cyclops was the first siege-focused ship in the game.
  • The Mothership resembles the shape of the Cyclops' old model.
  • The center Capital Laser used to be broken.
  • Its spinals are asymmetrical as 1 cannon fires from the left, while 2 fire from the right.
  • Alpha versions of the Cyclops exist in the form of both the Mini Cyclops, a fighter that comes with the Alpha Ship carrier, and the Retro Cyclops, a Limited Dreadnought.
    The Cyclops' original model.