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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The D Class is currently the 2nd-largest Freighter in the game. [Excluding limited freighters]


The D Class is a massive Freighter. It has a moderate amount of health and resistance, despite being more expensive than some dreadnoughts, however it has a huge cargo hold (totaling 7,500) and is remarkably fast for its size.


Features the same interior as the previous E-Class model.


  • has 30x the cargohold of the Wyrm and has 3x the cargohold of the Hercules.
  • good health for its class.
  • Can easily make thousands of Credits per run even if the Economy is poor, so long as there are enough Ores for you to buy and *enough credits at another base for you to sell.
  • Somewhat fast for its size.
  • Docks as "Safe" at bases, meaning it is completely invulnerable when docked.


  • Low damage resistance.
  • Terrible acceleration and turn speed makes it hard to escape quickly.
  • Extremely expensive for a Freighter.
  • Very vulnerable alone.
  • Pirates consider this ship the ultimate target since it's slow, defenseless, extremely expensive, and it often takes a long time to *dock at the Mega Base compared to most ships.
  • When trading, finding enough Ores can be an issue.
  • Can break the Economy after a few trades, limiting its effective usage.
  • Takes time to make back the amount of money it costs.
  • Rather long, making it easy to hit with spinals and turrets.
  • Large target.


  • Never trade while in a war to avoid being destroyed, as you are very vulnerable to attack. If it is vital that you trade, use smaller, cheaper freighters instead, such as the Hercules, as even with an escort you are still taking a huge risk.
  • Care should be taken to avoid surprise wars being declared mid-way through a trade run, as it may struggle to dock in time if poorly positioned.
  • Check the Minimap often for Pirates.
  • Stay next to friendly combat ships.
  • This ship is an effective tool for VIP servers especially when trying to do a low player count eco server. Refer to the trading tab on how to set one up.

Version History

  • Hull nerfed from 6,000 to 4,000 hp in an unknown version.
  • Shield nerfed from 3500 to 3250 hp in an unknown version.
  • In version .75a10, this ship was put offsale.


  • Resized version of the old e-class, probably because lazy devs. (Info needed on version history).
  • This ship is not used often cause most people skip it and go straight towards E-Class.
  • The first person to lose there d class was DayJYA to PotatoLord_58's Retro Commercial Miner.
  • The first kill with a d class was by PrestonTheTiger1 who killed sharkFace1222's Banshee with the ships nuke.
  • D class freighters have died least compared to all other freighters except for limited freighters.