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The Defiance is a powerful Destroyer.


The Defiance is decently fast Destroyer that deals very high damage with its Turrets and Spinals.


The interior to the Defiance includes a small pilot seat with a small screen in front of it.


  • High damage output for its class.
  • Fast, maneuverable and small.
  • No blind spots.
  • The Turrets are in a good position to simultaneously fire with Spinals.
  • Strong against shields for its class.


  • Needs good Spinal aim to do hull damage.
  • Slow for a Destroyer, as slow as many battlecruisers.
  • Pilot must rely on spinals to deal substantial hull damage


  • Used best to exploit the blind spots of larger and less mobile ships in order to deal the most damage without dying.
  • Use this for diving weak targets, as the Cannons easily shred hull.
  • The Defiance is also useful for hunting Aliens with its high-accuracy Turrets.

Version History

  • Added in update .65a6.
  • Max Hull reduced from 600 to 500, Turn speed reduced from .6 to .55, Cannon barrels reduced from 5 to 3 in version .65b


  • It has a light blue trail like the Valiant.
  • Its model resembles the Hercules from Star Conflict