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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.


Template:Image InfoboxThis Quest was made available just before the Halloween Event 2018. To obtain the Kraken, this quest must be completed.

Completing the Quest

The image of the Lucifer station out side of Frion I

To begin the quest the player must travel to Frion I and arrive at the Lucifer Station. Head straight inside. Once inside, there should be a UNE soldier with an Afro you can talk to. The soldier named Zack Crustae tells you that the scientist next door lost the Kodiak to some pirates who apparently hijacked it.

Quest Dialog 1

To begin the quest the player must talk to the NPC, Zack Crustae.

Zack: Pst, hey you, yeah you. You look like you could handle yourself. Want a job?

Player: What do you need me to do?

Zack: That stupid scientist in the next room lost our only prototype of the ship he was building for us.

Player: Go on

Zack: Talk to him and give him a hand with whatever he needs so we can get build another.

Player: Can't you make your own?

Zack: No because we won't even be able to build another because the scientist refuses to show us the Activator Blueprints.

Player: What will my reward be?

Zack: I'll tell ya what mate. You help us out and I'll build a Kodiak of your own.

Player: A kodiak?

Zack: Well, a smaller version, its Kraken counterpart

Player: i'll do it

Zack: Godspeed mate

Quest obtained: DepthBreaker

Completing the Quest (continued)

The entrance to the scientist.

After acquiring the quest the player then must then travel to the scientist mentioned by Zack. To get to the scientist the player must travel to the door with the text above "Waste Dispoal Chute (yes it actually does says "dispoal" not disposal). If you have VIP you can enter the giant red door with the text on the side "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" You must talk to the scientist to give you the quest "Dining in Hell" to obtain the Kodiak activator.

Version History

  • Was replaced by another quest, removing this quest from the game in an unknown version.

Claiming the Prize

After acquiring the activator and the 12 Kodiak Armor, you need to talk to Zack again, this time he will collect the activator and the 12 Kodiak plates, and you will receive the Kraken.