Derelict Station

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The Derelict Station is a starbase that was added during the Galaxy Star Wars Event update. You could obtain the Galactic Sun Hat and the Going Nuclear badge (now called Complete Quest 2) by delivering 20 Uranium Ore to the station. Before public release of the Galaxy Star Wars Event, there used to be a button in the starbase menu labeled DO NOT PRESS. If you selected that option, the station would blow up after a short amount of time. The Derelict Station has an explosive radius of 100. It can be upgraded once to Level 2.


The Derelict Station has only 4 terminals, the same amount as a level 1 Starbase. The interior is mostly small with 2 hallways going to different rooms in the station, each connected to terminals. There is a quarters that players may spawn in with some knocked over chairs and tables. Near some of the terminals are green and purple teleporters that lead to the other side of the Starbase.

Version History

  • Derelict Station received a remodel in version .66b. It shared many of the same features, but was made more detailed than the original.
  • Became the home to one of many optional player quests added in version .66b
  • Version .66b, 10/25/19: can now be upgraded to Level Two, gains custom turrets and more health. (11000 Shield and 11000 Hull)


  • In 2018, YouTubers found out that you could still do the event for the hats and mass-made videos on how to do it, leading to hundreds of players joining Galaxy.
    • Unfortunately though, within two weeks of Conor3D uploading his video on these quests, the game was patched so players could no longer obtain the gear from the 2016 Galaxy Star Wars Event.
  • There is a part of the top of the Derelict Station that appears to have a hole. Some players believe it's the result of an alien attack.
  • Quest #2 - Going Nuclear has made a return for the Christmas Event 2018, however, the quest can only be activated when the Derelict Station Starbase is in the server.
  • If you complete it now, you will get 1750 Credits.
  • Has its own custom turrets.
Derelict Lasers.
Derelict Cannons.