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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Devastation is a Battlecruiser class ship with heavy turrets.


The Devastation is a Battlecruiser with emphasis on support.


Devastation is a long grey Battlecruiser that has an enlarged section in the front and four backside thrusters on the back. There is an flag with a bird on each side of the ship.

The Interior can be accessed by walking through the door, there is a chair that sits in front of a screen. On the left, there is an anime profile picture, possibly of Wiscyy, the creator of the ship.

Currently the model is slightly broken, with some parts being Partshifted.


  • Great Turret placement, and range.
  • Very high cargo hold for a Battlecruiser.
  • 2nd Highest health of all non-event Battlecruisers.


  • Incredibly sluggish maneuverability for a Battlecruiser.
  • Long reloads due to the lack of rapid-fire turrets.
  • Very poor damage output for a Battlecruiser, being worse than several Frigates due to the poor turret armament and weak Spinal Weaponry.
  • Very weak against small ships, even worse when against large numbers.
  • Retired ship, making it limited and a huge target.


  • Keep the enemy in front to make use of the Spinals and Turrets.
  • Support sieges and fleets.
  • Use Spinals for extra shield damage.
  • Best used against other Battlecruisers and/or larger ships as the Heavy Turrets struggle to hit smaller ships, though larger Cruisers like the Gryphon and Spectre are an exception depending on the range.

Version History

  • Name fixed in .69d.
  • 1 Heavy Cannon replaced with 1 Dual Medium Cannon in version .71b.
  • Made offsale and archived in .75a12 due to numerous problems such as partshift.


  • This ship's name used to be misspelled; it used to be 'Devestation', rather than 'Devastation', as it is now. rcouret added a system to rename ships in version .69d.
  • On the wall next to the pilot's seat is a pinned image of the ship's creator.
  • Had the highest cargo hold of all Battlecruisers until the Zhen was introduced.
  • Has the same antenna array as the Hasatan and Chimera, since they're all made by the same creator.
  • The emblem on the side is that of the Commonwealth of Man from Stellaris.
  • The ship has been retired.
Devastation before rebalance.