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This ship is currently offsale due to glitches, remodeling, or other issues. Players that already own this ship may still use it, but no new ones can be built.

The Devastation is a Battlecruiser class ship with heavy turrets.


The Devastation is a Battlecruiser with emphasis on support.


Devastation is a long grey Battlecruiser that has an enlarged section in the front and four backside thrusters on the back. There is an flag with a bird on each side of the ship.

The Interior can be accessed by walking through the door, there is a chair that sits in front of a screen. On the left, there is an anime profile picture, possibly of Wiscyy, the creator of the ship.

Currently the model is slightly broken, with some parts being Partshifted.


  • Great Turret placement, and range.
  • Very high cargo hold for a Battlecruiser.
  • 2nd Highest health of all non-event Battlecruisers.


  • Incredibly sluggish maneuverability for a Battlecruiser.
  • Long reloads due to the lack of rapid-fire turrets.
  • Very poor damage output for a Battlecruiser, being worse than several Frigates due to the poor turret armament and weak Spinal Weaponry.
  • Very weak against small ships, even worse when against large numbers.
  • Retired ship, making it limited and a huge target.


  • Keep the enemy in front to make use of the Spinals and Turrets.
  • Support sieges and fleets.
  • Use Spinals for extra shield damage.
  • Best used against other Battlecruisers and/or larger ships as the Heavy Turrets struggle to hit smaller ships, though larger Cruisers like the Gryphon and Spectre are an exception depending on the range.

Version History

  • Name fixed in .69d.
  • 1 Heavy Cannon replaced with 1 Dual Medium Cannon in version .71b.
  • Made offsale and archived in .75a12 due to numerous problems such as partshift.


  • This ship's name used to be misspelled; it used to be 'Devestation', rather than 'Devastation', as it is now. rcouret added a system to rename ships in version .69d.
  • On the wall next to the pilot's seat is a pinned image of the ship's creator.
  • Had the highest cargo hold of all Battlecruisers until the Zhen was introduced.
  • Has the same antenna array as the Hasatan and Chimera, since they're all made by the same creator.
  • The emblem on the side is that of the Commonwealth of Man from Stellaris.
  • The ship has been retired.
Devastation before rebalance.