Devil's Broom

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The Devil's Broom is a Cruiser added during the 2021 Halloween Event.


The Devil's Broom is a ship that looks like a futuristic broom. Its weaponry consists of only Small Phasers. It is the cheapest ship in the event.




  • Extremely fast turn speed.
  • High acceleration.
  • Decent health.
  • Shield damage is extremely high with 8 Small Phasers and fast reload.


  • Relatively slow for a Cruiser.
  • No hull-based weaponry.
  • No Turrets.


  • Drift around enemies while continuously firing spinals.
  • Pair with a hull-breaking ship like the Centurion, since it does very little damage against hull.

Version History

  • No logged changes.


  • The first person to lose a Devil's Broom was ElPashmino to mrnake's Wasp, just hours after the event begun.
  • Nicknamed "Lamppost" by many players, due to its stem-like nature.