Dining In Hell

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

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This quest is one of the quests you need to do to obtain the Kraken.

Starting the Quest

The quest is started after you talk to a scientist named Jack Kendall, which is aboard Lucifer Station. You can find Jack in his lab by going through the waste disposal system in the kitchen or by using the security door (VIP required).

Quest Dialogue

Jack Kendall: Hm? Ah, hello! You must be the merc I requested.

Player: Yep! That's me alright.

Jack Kendall: Great! As I mentioned in the agreement, I would tell you the job in person.

Player: What do you need me to do?

Jack Kendall: A ship I had been working on was stolen from me. It is the only prototype built.

Player: How was this ship even stolen?

Jack Kendall: Pirates! They hijacked it through the on board AI while I was in transit.

Player: I haven't been told what you want me to do.

Jack Kendall: Right, right. The ship needs to be destroyed. It can't let it stay in the wrong hands. Who knows what they will do with it.

Player: That's it? Just destroy the ship?

Jack Kendall: You will also need to bring back a piece of its armor as proof you have completed your task.

Player: What will be my reward?

Jack Kendall: After the Kodiak is destroyed, I won't have to use its activator blueprints and spare parts.

Player: Are you going to tell me where this Kodiak is?

Jack Kendall: The on board AI is still able to send out a beacon. Just follow the signal and you will find it.

Player: Where will the Kodiak be?

Jack Kendall: I'll set out a beacon, its backup AI will send it here.

Quest started: Dining In Hell

Completing the Quest

After you talk to the scientist, the Kodiak will spawn and roam the map (only if the spawn cooldown is inactive). Killing the Kodiak will have it drop Kodiak Armor Pieces, 3 of which and 800k credits are required to complete the quest. After you finish the quest, the Kodiak spawn cooldown will start. The quest also gives the Kodiak Activator, which is used in Depthbreaker. Only spawn the Kodiak if you are prepared and have a team ready, as it can destroy a Level 2 Starbase and many Dreadnoughts alone.