Dire Wolf

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The Dire Wolf is a classic Battlecruiser with high Turret firepower.


The Dire Wolf is a Battlecruiser with a unique Turret layout, high firepower, and decent health. It is very combat-oriented with equal Shield and Hull damage. Its name is written on both sides of the ship. It has a very unique, recognizable design.

It is also said to be the "best" ship from Rcouret.


The Dire Wolf contains a pilot seat with a screen on the front. Behind it is a hallway with many seats and displays and a table showing a Galaxy map. Behind that is a reactor room with a control panel that is similar to the Chimera.


  • High firepower against both Shields and Hull.
  • Decent health in both shields and hull.
  • Good speed.


  • It suffers from low mobility for a Battlecruiser.
  • Spinals fire one after the other, not at the same time, making it hard to hit with both against faster targets.
  • Vulnerable bottom
  • 3rd most expensive Battlecruiser in the build menu.
  • Very easy to hit.


  • Can easily fire at enemies above it.
  • Great as a support ship among a fleet.
  • Use of Spinals are necessary to destroy Hull so fighting with others is recommended.
  • In PVP, face your opponent straight on so all your Turrets Spinals can hit; drifting is recommended

Version History

  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • 1 Medium Laser moved to the top of the ship, 2 Medium Cannons upsized to 2 Large Cannons and Top Speed increased from 130 to 140 in version .68e.
  • 2 Medium Flak cannons replaced with 2 Medium Point Defense Lasers in version .72d4.


  • The Dire Wolf's model is based on the 2nd SSV Normandy from the original Mass Effect trilogy.
  • Two Dire Wolves are enough to take on a Nemesis if the pilots are skilled enough.
  • The Control panel in the reactor room is the same as the one in the Chimera.
  • One of the ships Rcouret likes to spawn in game.
  • Originally, this ship was one of the gamepasses in Galaxy Arcade. This feature was removed later on. It received another gamepass in version .69d1.
    Old Dire Wolf Model