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Well known spreadsheet master and extremely lucky ship stat guesser in the Galaxy community, currently a Trusted user in Galaxy.


Started playing Galaxy one month after Beta was released. Developed an interest in ships stats and created the All Ships Stats as well as provided pictures for the wiki. Around late 2019 joined The Cultists where he met Wingy aka Yname. Early 2020 he joined zlvxc's DPS page. In August 2020, zlvxc would private that page so he created Public DPS & Alpha Sheet and it is used by the community and devs to balance ships. After the Gamma release Dr lost motivation to play as the economy no longer promoted easy trade between bases and servers and started work on a new space game with others Universe. During development of Universe he found a novel way of detecting an exploit called Dex. Together with yname, they negotiated with rc in exchange for the exploit, he would provide the pair access to turret commands which led to the creation of the Trusted Role. For now you'll mostly see him on the galaxy discord and developing Universe.


  • Guesses do not involve exploits in any way definitely.