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The Draco is a small and fast Frigate.


The Draco is a very fast Frigate that has a limited damage output. It is well known for its speed and its ability to distract ships without high-accuracy defense. It has both Phasers and Cannons, making it effective against Shield and Hull health.


The Draco has a detailed interior space for a ship its size. Its cockpit has two control joysticks and a screen display in front of the pilot's seat. The seat itself is lacking in detail aside from the angled back and separate colors.


  • Insanely fast frigate.
  • The speed and shape make it hard to hit, especially for larger ships.
  • Spinals have a high rate of fire.
  • Great for distracting a base during a siege.



  • Get a large group of these and use them to swarm larger targets.
  • Use its high fire rate to heavily damage targets.
  • When diving, fire 2-3 volleys, turn around and repeat to avoid incoming fire and to avoid getting too close to bases.
  • Use it to distract bases while other big ships are sieging it, or attack ships that are sieging your base.
  • Avoid ships with a lot of Light Turrets or Gatlings in order to prevent damage.
  • In dogfighting, keys Q, E, A, & D, your speed, and your tiny spinal weaponry are your friends. Strafe and drift to land more hits on smaller ships.

Version History

  • Was disabled during parts of version .62 due to model errors.
  • The Galaxy VIP Gamepass was needed for the Draco, but as of .62b?, the Frigate is no longer limited to VIP players only.
  • Received a nerf to its Cargo Hold on .65a3.
  • Received a nerf in .65a? removing 15 speed and halving the total spinal count (two tiny cannons/phasers).
  • Recolored in version .65b.
  • Received a remodel in version .67c.


  • The description has various grammatical errors, including the usage of the wrong "its."
  • There was a short time period after its release in which it required VIP to build. However, after remodeling its VIP was removed.
  • The new model was programmed with 4 Phasers and 4 Cannons, but an implementation bug forced all 4 of each weapon to fire simuntaneously, appearing as if only 2 of each Spinal were firing.
  • The Shipmaster Lordmonkeymonkey called out the ship's builder, FangABXY, claiming that he was the cause of the ships bugs; including its remodel making the Frigate tab unusable and its Spinals aiming sideways.
  • The current model's description was changed almost entirely, changing the species name referenced from Drakodem to Manjin, and speaking more in detail of the exact components of the ship.
  • Its interior shares the control sticks with the Archangel and Worm.
  • There is a Halloween reskin of the Draco, the Dragon.
  • The Draco's description says it has 4 phasers and 4 cannons, despite having only 2 phasers and 1 cannon because of balance reasons.