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The Dramiel is a small, fast, and damaging Cruiser with a focus on Spinal firepower.


The Dramiel is a fast Cruiser with two Flak Turrets and high damaging Spinals. It is one of the most peculiarly shaped ships in Galaxy, with a large nose-like hook in the front and sharp wedges on both sides.


The Dramiel has a very sparse interior with few decorations, apart from some stickers and small constructions.


  • Being small and flat, it is hard to hit with heavier weapons.
  • Good evasive factor.
  • Since few people know about this ship, your weaknesses are lesser known.
  • Currently the highest non-limited dps cruiser


  • Low overall health pool, making this ship expensive and easy to lose.
  • Low Turret firepower.
  • Expensive for a Cruiser class ship.
  • Requires experience in order to land the Spinals.
  • You can only deal decent shield damage with the Spinals.
  • Small blind spot underneath it.


  • Make sure all your Spinals hit.
  • Use your maneuverability to keep in the blind spots of larger ships.
  • Use your acceleration to run in danger.
  • Use multiple in swarms to unleash PURE SPINAL FURY!
  • Use your fast speed drift close around medium-large size ships

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .67e?


  • One of the most oddly shaped ships, with players often calling it a Pok√©mon or a crab.
  • One of the most obscure ships with many people not even knowing of its existence.
  • The interior has the logo for Outpost Eighteen, a reference to the Outpost Eighteen Galaxy Group.
  • The name and previous model are based on a ship from EVE Online.
  • It's basically Razor wing's brother because it's Spinal capability rivals the Razorwing.
  • One of the noticeable differences the Razor wing has over the Dramiel is that it also has 3 Flak Cannons compared to the Dramiel's 2, Another difference that the Razorwing has over the Dramiel is that it has more Alpha than the Dramiel, (348 Dramiel's alpha, compared to 493 Razorwing's alpha)
  • Just as good if not better at pirating than the Razorwing.
  • It kind of looks like a smaller Nova.
  • Batarang the ship