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The E Class is currently the largest Freighter in the game.


The E Class is a massive Freighter. It is rather lacking in health and resistance, despite being larger and more expensive than some dreadnoughts, however it has a huge cargo hold (totaling 12,500) and is remarkably fast for its size.


The interior is largely confined to the cockpit. A hallway with a teleporter can be found at the back of the ship, leading to the cockpit, which consists of a main walkway leading through the cylindrical room, ending at a seat with panels surrounding it. There is an image at the back of the room of what appears to be a screenshot of the cockpit, with wreckage that can be seen out of the window, however it is difficult to determine the contents of the photograph due to its small size.


  • Largest Cargo Hold in the game; It is double the Prepravca’s Cargo Hold and forty times larger than the Wyrm‘s Cargo Hold.
  • Very high health for its class.
  • Can easily make thousands of Credits per run even if the Economy is poor, so long as there are enough Ores for you to buy and enough credits at another base for you to sell.
  • Somewhat fast for its size.
  • Docks as "Safe" at bases, meaning it is completely invulnerable when docked.
  • Strong nuke at an explosion radius of 500, which can wipe out small or crippled Capital Ships that get caught in the blast.


  • Low damage resistance.
  • Terrible acceleration and turn speed makes it hard to escape quickly.
  • Extremely expensive for a Freighter.
  • Very vulnerable alone.
  • Pirates consider this ship the ultimate target since it's slow, defenseless, extremely expensive, and it often takes a long time to dock at the Mega Base compared to most ships.
  • When trading, finding enough Ores can be an issue.
  • Can break the Economy after a few trades, limiting its effective usage.
  • Takes time to make back the amount of money it costs.
  • Easy to get caught on things (such as asteroids) due to its size.
  • Rather long, making it easy to hit with spinals and turrets.


  • Never trade while in a war to avoid being destroyed, as you are very vulnerable to attack. If it is vital that you trade, use smaller, cheaper freighters instead, such as the Hercules, as even with an escort you are still taking a huge risk.
  • Care should be taken to avoid surprise wars being declared mid-way through a trade run, as it may struggle to dock in time if poorly positioned.
  • Check the Minimap often for Pirates.
  • Stay next to friendly combat ships.
  • This ship is an effective tool for VIP servers especially when trying to do a low player count eco server. Refer to the trading tab on how to set one up.
  • If you get stuck in the Mega Base, DO NOT MOVE AND DO NOT TRY TO DOCK as it might cause your ship to fling. instead, calmly wait for your warp to charge, then warp away. If being attacked when becoming stuck, use a screen recorder, so you may provide your video to the Admins and potentially get your ship refunded if it is destroyed during the bug.

Version History

  • Received a remodel by EvilPleeber119 in version .75a3.
  • Received a remodel adding more "cargo pods" to the sides in (unknown version please add)
  • Buffed in .65b - Shield increased from 3000 to 3500, Hull increased from 5600 to 6500, Cargo Hold increased from 7500 to 10000, price increased significantly. Also received a remodel.
  • Explosion size increased from 100 to 200, description updated in version .72c20
  • Received a speed buff along with several other freighters in (unknown version please add).
  • Remodeled with a newer version of its original model, and explosion radius increased from 200 to 500 in (unknown version please add).
  • Cargo hold was buffed from 10,000 to 12,500, top speed was lowered going from 60 to 50, turning speed decreased going from 0.11 to 0.10; this was carried out on .75a10.


  • Has the highest Cargo Hold of any build menu ship as the C Class technically has the highest.
  • Second model is now the D Class model.
  • One of the only ships to be 'reverted' to a retro model.
  • The "Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster" mentioned in its description is a reference to the novel 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy'.
  • Possibly based on the Bulk Freighter from 'Endless Sky'.
  • Stands for Economy Class.
  • Referred to as the "Toilet Brush" by the community.
  • This ship is an expensive yet effective nuke (purposefully placing your ship into a situation where it will be destroyed, with the intention of the ship's explosion doing massive damage to other nearby ships).
  • The ship's current model has a secret teleporter in the interior that teleports you outside of the ship, some 20 or 50 studs to the rear of the entrance teleporter. This allows you to despawn the E Class quicker than most other ships, provided you know where the teleporter is.
Original E Class model