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The Elanis is a large and extremely powerful shield-breaking Fighter made by the Slarfie that is found exclusively on the Hevnetier.


The Elanis is a powerful, Battleship-like fighter that is spawned on the Hevnetier. It is a uniquely-designed fighter which integrates into the front of the carrier it spawns on.


The Elanis is a large, flat, triangular fighter with a cyber aesthetic identical to its Carrier, the Hevnetier. The ship uniquely makes out the front of the Hevnetier.

The interior of the Elanis is entered through a teleporter at the back, and it is nothing more than a small box with a neon screen containing the pilot's seat.


  • Very high health for a Fighter-class ship.
  • Fires all spinals at the same time.
  • Has a Monstrous Shield DPS of 457, higher than Dreadnought shield breakers like Sagittarius and Zeus.
  • Flat size might make it a challenge to hit with heavier weapons.
  • Extreme agility and speed for a Battleship-size fighter.
  • Good turret placement.
  • Has 90% Drift, like all other Fighters.
  • Can provide as much support as most Battleships.
  • Insane amount of Turrets for a fighter, with a whopping 8.


  • Very low Hull DPS compared to Shield.
  • Only one spawns on the Hevnetier.
  • Large, and has no damage resistance.
  • No warp drive.


  • Get a skilled player inside the Elanis, as AI Fighters shoot spinals inconsistently and turn their backs sometimes, losing half of its firepower.
  • As this is a fighter feel free to do suicide runs.
  • Turn your Elanis 90 Degrees from its axis then Drift, but with Z and C, this makes it much more harder for enemies to hit you.
  • Focus on shield tanks like the Judgement or Aegis first, as the Elanis focuses on shredding shields.
  • If fighting or providing support against a fleet, avoid Hull tanks like the Armageddon as the Elanis has extremely low Hull damage compared to Shield Damage.
  • Use your turrets while recalled without the problem of needing to be recalled in order for the Hevnetier to warp.
  • Can be used with the Hevnetier in conjunction to offset its low hull damage.

Version History

  • Introduced in version .69a2.
  • Buffed in .75a3(Please list what was changed about the ship).
  • Buffed again in .75a10. 115 to 200 Speed, 0.3 to 0.5 Turn speed, 35 to 50 Acceleration. Gains 2 more Small Phasers and 5 Small Cannons replaced with 5 Small Phasers.


  • The Elanis is unique in the sense that it is the only Fighter that is part of its respective carrier's main structure. In this instance, the Elanis makes up the front of the Hevnetier.
  • One of the strongest fighters in the game, tied with the A - Bionicle, which is also a Battleship-like fighter and also one of the only 2 Battleship-like fighters in the game.
  • A Battlecruiser variant called the Mega Elanis was released in the April Fools 2022 event. The ship was redboxed due to it being free and incredibly overpowered for it's class.