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Endgame is the final phase in a round of Galaxy. This is not the same as a "Final Round."


Endgame is a period in Galaxy gameplay during which Factions cannot be created. Additionally, a faction can win that round of Galaxy by either eliminating all other factions or by taking over 90% of the territory. Endgame does not begin until a total of 95% of open space has been converted into all factions' territories, including NPC factions. If Endgame is active, flashing words will appear where Loyalty is displayed saying "ENDGAME ACTIVE." Some players think that during Endgame everyone is supposed to go to war, but that isn't always the case.

Additionally, Endgame increases the capital ship counts per faction from three Dreadnoughts to four and from four Battleships to five. The Carrier and Super-Capital counts remain the same (one). Another effect of Endgame is that faction leaders cannot kick players in their faction and no new alliances can be created. Loyalty will also increase at a boosted rate while Endgame is active.


  • While Endgame simply resets the server upon a faction's victory, the similarly colored "Final Round" warning will shut down a Galaxy server when the server is abandoned or after a faction wins.
  • If only one player faction exists on a server when Endgame conditions are met (95% map territory is occupied), then the server will declare whichever faction (player or NPC) has more territory the winner of the round and will initiate a reset.
  • If you hold anything in your cargo while the round reset it will automatically sell