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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

Old Eradicator

The Eradicator is an Alien AI ship and part of the Kneall Fleet.

Current recolored Eradicator

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The Eradicator is the most powerful ship ever in terms of sheer damage output and can easily tear though anything that dares oppose it. It also comes with extreme maneuverability and high damage resistance, both of which increase its threat level significantly. It shares some visual likeness with the Prototype X-2 and is generally built in the style of an Alien ship, but with red and yellow coloring as opposed to the classic neon green.

It used to look like the Kneall prototype though.


The Eradicator is not known to spawn naturally, so it is only a threat when purposely spawned by admins, or Rcouret. It likely behaves similarly to other Alien ships, targeting ships that approach it within a certain range or those that actively target it first. Once locked onto a target, it will either maintain a steady distance or chase after a warping target, attacking it until the target is destroyed or becomes untargetable (either through despawning or safe docking).

It never stops firing if it’s turrets have line of sight, since all turrets usually get recharged around 1 second of firing, meaning it is extremely hard to tank against.

The Eradicator constantly circles around its target, firing its spinals when somehow aligned against target.

Extremely lethal. Do not approach.


  • Do not attempt any kind of head-on attack, even with the most powerful of Dreadnoughts or Super Capital Ships.
  • Use small, fast, and maneuverable ships like the Viper or Draco to draw its fire, then lure it to a Starbase or a fleet of ships that can attack it while it is distracted.


  • The wreck of an Alien Eradicator drops 7,500 Alien Parts, 300(?) Dimensional Alloy, 150 Plasma Batteries, 3 Quantum Cores, 3 Alien Devices, and 1 Kneall Core.


  • Not much is known about the Eradicator aside from basic stats.
  • When spawned, it appears with a Super Capital symbol, but enlarged to the scale of an X-0 map icon.
  • The Eradicator appears to be a recolored Kneall Prototype.
  • An Eradicator was spawned on April Fools 2022. The server was shut down shortly afterwards.
  • Eradicator on the minimap.