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Example Page

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The Example Ship is a powerful Battleship.


The Example Ship is a Battleship that has long wings and a variety of turrets. It has thrusters hanging on its wings and cannon barrels attached close to the ship. Its Spinal Phasers are protruding from the front of the ship.


The Example Ship's interior has some living quarters, a cafeteria and an observation deck.



  • Low health.
  • High cost.


  • It can rush down enemy ships with ease.
  • Use for general combat against different ships.
  • Make sure to stay below the enemy ships.

Version History

  • It received a buff in version .???.
  • It received a nerf in version .???.
  • It received a remodel in version .???.


  • The Example Ship is based on the Columbid by farterbotz. This is not an actual ship in-game as of the latest version, and is not likely to be added without significant remodelling.
  • The Columbid was remade once previously before being in this state.