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The Executioner is a heavy Carrier with Battlecruiser-Fighters.


The Executioner is a Carrier that houses two Hunters, which are powerful Battlecruiser-like fighters. Unlike most carriers, the Executioner does not rely fully on its fighters for damage output, as it is equipped with powerful Spinal and Turret weaponry, as well as having a good healthpool to tank damage.


The interior of the Executioner is a room with 3 teleporters: one to get in or out and 2 for the fighters. The pilot seat is in the middle, & 3 screens line the walls.


  • Its Fighters have great firepower and health due to them being Battlecruisers.
  • Good for PvP because of its well-armed fighters and Turrets.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • Good loadout for a carrier, allowing the Executioner to defend against smaller Ships while the Spinals allow it to fight larger Ships and Starbases. Combined with its Fighters, the Executioner is a formidable opponent.
  • Well defended against small Ships.
  • The fighters can block attacks coming from certain angles.
  • Faster than most carriers and dreadnoughts.
  • Since it only has 2 fighters, it can hold 2 ai fighters, which is cheaper than buying 10 of them, while still having the best outcome of max fighters.


  • Troublesome to get into its Hunters since the teleporters to the fighters are currently broken
  • Not the best for Sieging.
  • Rather sluggish mobility.


  • Warp to a base, release Fighters and warp out.
  • Use the Fighters as a distraction for the Starbase Turrets or even enemy Ships as they might overreact seeing your Battlecruiser-sized Fighters.
  • Release Fighters, both fighters get used, recall them, they can still attack even if recalled.

Version History

  • Health increased from 6250/5250 to 8000/6000 in version .68d.


  • The Vansnova remodel was based on Executioner's fighter design.
  • One of the only carriers to have Battlecruisers as Fighters.
  • One of the few Ships to have an interior with an animated screen.
  • Made by the Galaxy Faction Chaotic Unity.
  • Resembles a stripped down Harvest King.