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The Executioner is a Dreadnought-like Carrier equipped with two resilient and powerful fighters.


The Executioner is a Carrier that houses two Hunters, which are powerful Battlecruiser-like fighters. Unlike most carriers, the Executioner does not rely fully on its fighters for damage output, as it is equipped with powerful Spinal and Turret weaponry, as well as having a good healthpool to tank damage.


The interior of the Executioner is a room with 3 teleporters: one to get in or out and 2 for the fighters. The pilot seat is in the middle, & 3 screens line the walls.


  • High overall damage output; its average DPS is comparable to that of many Dreadnoughts.
  • Relatively cheap to fully outfit with AI Fighters, as it only has 2 fighters.
  • Great speed and mobility for its class; its maneuverability rivals that of the Leviathan's.
  • Its Hunters are very strong; they can be compared to Battlecruisers firepower-wise and have the 2nd highest health in their class, right behind the Elanis.
  • The fighters can still be used even when recalled, due to them being directly attached to the ship's structure.


  • Lacks significant long range weaponry.
  • Requires good Spinal aiming skills in order to use this ship to its full potential.
  • Because of their positioning, the fighters are also directly exposed to enemy fire and can be easily destroyed when unreleased.
  • Pretty expensive compared to other options.


  • Warp to a base, release Fighters and warp out. For max damage, let the hunters tank first and deal damage with your turrets.
  • Use the Fighters as a distraction for the Starbase Turrets or even enemy Ships as they might overreact seeing your Battlecruiser-sized Fighters.
  • Release Fighters, both fighters get used, recall them, they can still attack even if recalled.

Version History

  • Health increased from 6250/5250 to 8000/6000 in version .68d.


  • The Vansnova remodel was based on Executioner's fighter design.
  • One of the only carriers to have Battlecruisers as Fighters.
  • One of the few Ships to have an interior with an animated screen.
  • Made by the Galaxy Faction Chaotic Unity.
  • Resembles a stripped down Harvest King.