Fourth of July 2022

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Canada Day

Galaxy continues celebrating Canada Day, ever since it started the previous year of 2021. With the continuation of Canada Day, it has sought back the return of the Maple Orca, launching the event on 12:25 AM UTC, July 1st, 2022. Alongside this, the Mega Base was temporarily colored to the color palette of the Canadian flag, that of which is white and red. Apocalypse, Aura, Catalyst, MRLS Launcher, Tennhausen, and Witch also received a red and white color scheme.

Independence Day

At July 3rd, 9:50 PM UTC, 5 years in a row, Galaxy is continuing the celebration of America's Independence, and with that has brought back various freedom-brining machines, and also added new ones as well. Notoriously the new stealth Dreadnought SR-71. Ships that were re-added are a miner and a freighter, and a new one to the party being classed at frigate. The Mega Based replaced the Canadian palette with the American red, white, and blue colors. Armageddon, Crucible, Defiance, Devastation, Dire Wolf, Draco, Ibis, Osprey, Phantom, Sixfold, Viper, and the Warden all received the American color scheme. The Freedom Base remodel and a new related resource called "Material Scrap" were also added.


  • The SR-71 is by far the most expensive ship in the event, coming at a hefty cost of 20 Stealth Plates, and 600,000 credits.
  • This is also probably the first and only event to introduce a stealth ship, let alone a stealth dreadnought.