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The Fourth of July Event 2019 is a direct follow-up event to last year's Fourth of July Event 2018 that went live around July 4th. The event itself started late out of a miscommunication between Galaxy Staff Developers Seanmorabito and Emu Donut, most notably known as Lord; the update itself launched live on Friday, July 5th 2019, at around 9:40 EST. The event ended around the same time of day on Monday, July 8th. With this three day event update came seven new event ships to build, including the Patriotic Crucible (Crucible), Patriotic Defiance (Defiance), Patriotic Ibis (Ibis), Patriotic Osprey (Osprey), Patriotic Phantom (Phantom), Patriotic Vengeance (Vengeance), and Patriotic Viper (Viper). The other two Patriotic Event themed ships not re-released into the game alongside the currently buildable seven event ships include the Patriotic Hercules (Hercules), and the Patriotic Rorqual (Rorqual); both of which are Limited Event ships from the Fourth of July Event 2018.


  • The event is still planned out on ending in three days after launch, unlike last year's event, which lasted for nearly two weeks.

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