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The Foxfire is a small and fast Fighter found on the Nimitz.


The Foxfire is a Fighter added to the Nimitz. It is a small sleek ship that, alongside it's high top speed, has a relatively easy time dodging enemy fire.


The Foxfire is a fighter with a relatively large size. It is a flat ship that has a similar shape to the Spectre, featuring 3 of its spinal barrels on the front, and the text "FOXFIRE" on its side.

The Interior of the Foxfire is nothing more than a small cockpit containing the pilot's seat.


  • Can inflict high damage to Shields.
  • High Top Speed and small size makes it difficult to hit.


  • Extremely low health and non-existent Damage Resistance of 0%.
  • Little to no Hull damage.


  • Focus on Shielded ships to deal as much damage as possible.
  • This Fighter is best used in a swarm. Attack the enemy with high speed and with its high shield damage, a swarm will bring enemy ships to Hull quickly.
  • Utilize drifting and hit-and-run tactic to survive as long as possible while dealing the maximum amount of damage.
  • Avoid attacking any ship that can take down fighters easily, such as the Ampharos or the Mjolheimr.

Version History

  • Removed from the Nimitz in an unknown version.
  • Nimitz remodel reverted, making this ship playable again in an unknown version.