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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Frankenemi is a Limited version of the Nemesis Dreadnought that was made for the Halloween Event 2017.


The Frankenemi is a Limited Edition version of the old Nemesis for the Halloween Event 2017. Designed for multi-purpose use, with its large variety of weaponry and high damage output, it is a great all around Dreadnought, performing well in both PvP combat and Starbase sieges. It also has strange zombie sounding ambience.


Contains a large table in the middle which has a zombie like Frankenstein placed on top of it.

Also contains a generator room at the back of the main room of the ship. The generator room contains two large pink cylinders.


  • Amazing shield DPS as well as very good hull damage make this a versatile ship.
  • Spinal Phasers fire grouped together as one, allowing for pinpoint accuracy and a faster reload than the normal Nemesis.
  • Easy to position ship so that all turrets have a good line of sight.
  • A great all-rounder ship that can siege and PvP.
  • Good health allows it to withstand longer in combat.
  • Good turn speed for a Dreadnought, allowing it to out maneuver most Dreadnoughts.


  • Requires good use of its Spinal weaponry to prove effective.
  • Large blind spot underneath the ship.
  • Rare limited ship puts a huge target on your head.
  • You can't get it back if you lose it.
  • Turret placement is relatively mediocre, you need to aim down slightly to hit all your turrets.


  • The Frankenemi is a good choice for sieging, as it has good acceleration and powerful Turrets that allow it to quickly enter a chase and destroy a target that is above it.

Version History

  • Received buffs in .60d1 that boosted Shields by 500 and Hull by 500.
  • Received multiple changes during the Dreadnought rebalance. Speed was nerfed, (however, not as much as on the regular Nemesis) and shields were increased by 1950, while hull was increased by 2450. Turning and acceleration were lowered similarly to all other Dreadnoughts, but the exact values are not known to the author.
  • Received a buff in version .66b that increased Max Speed from 38 to 45, Turn Rate from 0.15 to 0.19, Shield and Hull from 5950 to 6350, and replaced turrets with "Advanced" counterparts.
  • Buffed in version .66b during the 2019 Halloween Event - Advanced Quad Cannons switched to Heavy Triple Cannons, Front Quantum Laser switched to Heavy Quantum Laser, Medium Spinal switched to Huge
  • It was reintroduced in the 2019 Black Friday Sale and the price was brought up with it.
  • Received a teleporter going from the docking point to the pilot's seat in version .68e.
  • 6 Triple Heavy Cannons changed to 6 Quantum Cannons in version .69e.
  • 6 Quantum Cannons changed to 6 Triple Heavy Cannons and 2 Quantum Lasers changed to 2 Triple Heavy Lasers in version .73c10.
  • Explosion Size 500 ----> 950 .75a12


  • While the traditional Nemesis was changed to a new, larger model, the Frankenemi retains its smaller, old model thus far.
  • Every now and then it plays a zombie moan noise.
  • Was one of the few event ships brought back for the Black Friday 2019 sale.
  • The Frankenemi initially had one of the highest DPS in the game, even higher than some Super Capitals.