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The Freedom Base is a Starbase that was added during the Galaxy Star Wars Event update. It has 7500 shield and 7500 hull while being unarmed, even at Level 3. Its behavior is the same as all other Starbases.


The Freedom Base has 8 terminals and 3 floors. On the 1st floor, there are 4 Computers, one having Strange Character beside it. There is also a transparent elevator that leads to the 2nd floor, which is a much larger room consisting of many computers, including Material Scrap computers and 2 Elevators, one leading to the 3rd Floor. The 3rd Floor is a small room in which what looks like an observation deck due to having walls made entirely out of glass, there is also a Material Scrap computer here.


Version History


  • The only Starbase that is unarmed at max level.
  • In 2018, YouTubers found out that you could still get the event item by completing the Freedom Base quest and mass-produced videos on how to do it, leading to hundreds of players joining Galaxy for that one reason. Unfortunately, within two weeks of Conor3D uploading his video on these quests for Freedom Base and Derelict Station, the event gear items could no longer be obtained.
  • Quest #1 - "Help The Freedom Base" had made a return for the duration of the Christmas Event 2018, however, the quest can only be activated when the Freedom Base Starbase is in the server.
  • Players used to be able to earn the Interstellar Sunglasses and the "Help The Freedom Base" badge (now called Complete Quest 1) by delivering 3 crates of Medicine & Supplies to the Freedom Base as part of a new quest system adding in the Star Wars Event update.
  • A model of the Shady Dealer lays splayed out on the top of the old Freedom Base.
  • On the floor with the docking bay of the old Freedom Base, a NPC that is likely a member of the U.N.E is seen writing up a report on damage done to the docking door. When interacted with, the NPC informs the player that "some nutjob dressed like Uncle Sam rammed his ship out of the docking bay." This is likely a reference to the Uncle Sam NPC, who awarded players the Freedom Galaxy during the 2020 Fourth of July Event, as the NPC was added after the event's end.

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