Freedom Galaxy

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Freedom Galaxy is a massive, expensive Miner released during the Fourth of July Event 2020.


The Freedom Galaxy is the largest, fastest, and the only Miner-class ship in the game with 5 Large Patriotic Mining Lasers. It is also one of the most expensive ships in the game, requiring a Class A permit and ~1 million credits worth of materials.


The Freedom Galaxy is a reskin of the Galaxy, with American themed color palette, various U.S Flags around the ship, and a different trail color.

The Interior of the Freedom Galaxy can be accessed via a teleporter on the docking ramp like the normal Galaxy. This will take players to a small room with three chairs. On the walls are depictions of the Sickle and Hammer with a slash through them. The center pilot's seat faces three screens. There are 2 more seats on each side of the walls, with numerous displays on them.


  • Has the most health out of all Miners, and with extreme maneuverability, this allows players to easily escape pirates before being destroyed.
  • Has the highest mining rate (87.5 m3/s) and farthest mining range (7500) with its 5 Large Patriotic Mining Lasers.
  • Has the largest Ore Hold in the game (10000m3).
  • Can make 20k Credits without Loyalty per dump.
  • Amazing miner to use for any kind of mining strategies, for example Boom Mining and Outpost spam.


  • Huge and bulky making it an easy target for hostile NPCs or other players at war.
  • Limited classification and expense means players and entire factions will target you.
  • The Mother of all miner kills. One of the largest targets in the game. Hunted by pirates with more ferocity than any other non-combat ship, and even players in your own faction by dock-blocking you.
  • Extremely expensive to obtain due to the Class A Permit and high value of the ship, making this one of the most expensive ships in the game.


  • Don't warp more than 72k away from your base. Each time you warp on big servers, you risk having war declared on you as soon as you start warping.
  • It is always never a good idea to use this ship in a War.
  • Trust few.
  • If you are mining in a Freedom Galaxy and you get ambushed by combat Ships or Aliens, your best bet would be to quickly get back to your Starbase and despawn.
  • Do not use this as a nuke or a tank; It is limited and massively expensive due to the sheer cost of the Class A Permit.
  • If large amounts of high-score players joins an enemy team, you should stay close to your base while mining, so you will have time to dock if the players declare war to destroy your Freedom Galaxy.
  • Use this ship with extreme caution. Once it's destroyed, it will be extremely difficult to reobtain because of the sheer exorbitant cost.

Version History

  • Buffed in version .68b adding another Large Patriotic Mining Laser (60 m3/s>75 m3/s)
  • Shields and Hull reduced from 12000/12000 to 7500/7500 in version .71c.
  • Ore Hold nerfed from 12500 to 12000 and released on limited permit build menu for a Class A Permit in version .73b1.
  • Initial buff: Turn Speed increased from 0.1 to 0.2, and 1 extra Large Patriotic Mining Laser(Had 6 Large Patriotic Mining Lasers) added. This was partially reverted(the extra Large Patriotic Mining Laser was removed), and instead the Shield and Hull health was nerfed from 7,500/7,500 to 7,000/7,000, the Turn Speed was again increased from 0.2 to 0.3, and turret orientations corrected in version .74b14(?).
  • Shields and Hull were increased back to 7,500/7,500 in version .75a10.


  • One of the most expensive ships in the game due to requiring a Class A Permit to obtain.
  • Released on the third and second-to-last day of the Fourth of July Event 2020. The late ship reveal caused the event to be extended by 12 hours so players could grind credits to afford it.
  • dijumajo123 sold a Prototype X-2 to get enough credits for this ship.
  • The :cost command estimates the ship's price is 1,113,900 Credits, and it sells for 880,300 Credits.
  • The Freedom Galaxy has 23% more Ore Hold, costs alot more, and has greater mining speed than the Galaxy, it also previously had 166% more top speed until the minimum top speed became 50 (which would then be reduced to 45), it used to have 20% more combined HP until this ship and the Galaxy both had a health nerf to 7500 in both shields and hull.
  • Makes 22,000-48k Credits depending on ores if transferring ores to Mega Base and 19,000 Credits if Selling to a base/Mega Base at 30% Loyalty.
  • The first person to lose a Freedom Galaxy was Maxcart to Shadiris.
  • Currently, the rarest miner kill in the game with less than 50 known Freedom galaxy deaths.
  • The first person to lose a ship to a Freedom Galaxy was Hudson6539 who lost a Razor Wing to the explosion of superdestroyer12347's Freedom Galaxy.
  • Back then, players could trade their Freedom Galaxy for various ships and later on, you could trade it with 2 Super Capitals for a Prototype X-1 or a Prototype X-2. Although this trade is frowned upon due to the grinding capabilities, it may allow players to get one of the most highly sought after ships in the game. NOTE THAT THIS TRADE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
  • Used to be obtained during the event from an NPC known as Uncle Sam when it was released on the third day of the Fourth of July Event 2020 for 3 Million Credits.
  • The first person to destroy a ship using the Freedom Galaxy's mining lasers was Rayquaza200384, destroying DiegoAwesome000's Lazarus (05/01/2022).