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The Frenzy is aFighter-class ship modeled after the Fury.

Old Frenzy Model(s)


The Frenzy is a "stealth" variant of the Fury. It carries four Small Phasers, slightly less hull than its sister Fighter, and more speed. However, the Frenzy is a slippery Fighter, meaning it is very hard to control. It won't go in a straight line if you turn it too hard. People use it in swarms a lot, and it is hard to take out if it manages to get into a blind spot on your ship. It is carried on the Rhino.


The Frenzy's interior is the exact same as the Fury's interior. It is entered through the cockpit window and has a seat behind a steering column.


  • Because of the speed, you can distract bases effectively.
  • Phasers can easily wear down enemy Shields, allowing anti-hull ships to deal higher damage.
  • Higher speed than a fury.


  • Low health.
  • High speed can make it hard to control.
  • Awkward handling.


  • If you're in a faction with 4+ members, use the frenzy to take down bigger ships.
  • Stay in the blindspot of enemy ships to escape being damaged.

Version History

  • Received a remodel sometime during version .61.
  • Received a remodel in version .66b


  • Used to have a Warp Drive.
  • Used to randomly spawn in level 3 Starbases.
  • Hevnetier used to spawn this fighter as a random fighter, it lost it's feature in version .64f.