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Frion I is a large Planet in Galaxy and the first to be added since the removal of Earth.

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Frion I is currently the second largest planet in Galaxy by the size of its atmosphere, which appears light purple on the outside and is 4,400 studs in diameter. The inside of the atmosphere is an orange-tan color. Frion I was the second planet to ever be added, the first being Earth when the game was in Alpha, but that has since been removed. Frion I has 14,000 shield and 14,000 hull at its base level.

Frion I can be upgraded twice, level 2 for 3,000 Credits, adding turrets and a large structure atop Frion I. Level 3 costs 6,000 Credits, adding more turrets.(Needs clarification)

Lucifer Station

Lucifer Station is a small station in orbit of Frion I, which can be entered through a teleporter in the main base. Lucifer Station was also special for 2 reasons: 1, it spawns fighters known as the Striker, the Nighthawk, and the Xenophile. Previously, it spawned the Unarmed Envoy and Dragonfly, which were known for being broken or refusing to respawn. 2, it holds 2 NPCs, both of which are used to get the quests known as Depthbreaker and Dining In Hell, which were both used for the getting a special dreadnought, the Kraken.

Communications tower/Temple

The communications tower on top of Frion I is a method of accessing the cavern in Frion I. For it to appear, Frion I must be level 2. Either by stepping onto the crack atop Frion I or into one of the doors on the tower, you will be teleported to the cave.


Frion I's cave features a small body of water, and some grasses/ground cover growing. It also features a blue orb that when touched teleports the player to the surface. There are 3 NPCs in the cavern, however, only 1 known as Revy, has a quest down here. The quest is for a weapons part, costing 32,500 Uranium, 6 armored plates, and 180,000 Credits.(needs verification) This weapons part is used in the construction of Prototypes.


No special or specific ores spawn here.


Frion I, like any NPC base, can be assimilated when a faction's territory overpowers its own. However, all planets can also be captured -- whichever team brings the planet's health to 0 will, instead of destroying the planet, take over Frion I.

Frion I can be a useful base for early factions, as its economy starts off with lower prices. This makes it much easier to upgrade early-on, allowing teams to get a level 2 Starbase, which is required to spawn more powerful warships. When upgraded, it is an excellent defensive point due to its high amount of heavy-hitting turrets.


The climate of Frion I is not very special; The planet is barren and rocky and isn't able to support life. However, the pressurization required to sustain life in the Starbase appears to have leaked into a cave, as grass is growing under the lab.

Version History

  • Added in version .56
  • Turrets replaced with 8 orbital turrets in .62a to reduce lag
  • A new mini-base with a boss fight quest can be found in Orbit around Frion as of .64f.
  • Reactor changed from a white cylinder with neon red rings to a neon purple cylinder surrounded by a transparent containment in an unknown version.
  • Lucifer Station started spawning the Nighthawk, Dragonfly and Unarmed Envoy in an unknown version.
The Lucifer Station, an orbital station outside of Frion I
  • Orbital turrets were replaced with Heavy Long Range Lasers and Heavy Railguns in .66b
  • Frion Fighters changed to 1 Striker, 1 Xenophile, and 1 Nighthawk in version .73b3


  • Frion I was created by Confinium and MasterPlural and later remodeled by oChaosWarrioro.
  • The first planet to be added to Galaxy after the removal of Earth.
  • Aqueous II has less health when compared to that of Frion I. However, it has two more turrets than Frion I does once fully upgraded.
  • Aqueous II was generally considered weaker than Frion I, especially in the earlier days of Aqueous' existence.
  • Frion I has a small weakspot underneath the main base. The only way to access it is to go into the range of the turrets and hide behind a small bit of rock. The planet actually hits itself while you can be safe from fire. Only ships smaller than the sixfold work for the operation.
  • Was the largest planet until the addition of Pyramus.
Frion I has a small weapons status display inside the Starbase area that changes as the planet is upgraded.
This image shows an interior view of the planet structure before and after the remodel (before = left, after = right)