Frozen MRLS Launcher

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Frozen MRLS Launcher is a Christmas Event 2018 Quest redesign of the MRLS Launcher.


The Frozen MRLS Launcher is a redesign of the MRLS Launcher. It was released December 20, 2018, when the Christmas Event 2018 update came out. It was obtained as a quest reward from "Gámér Gamer" on Aqueous II.


The ship's interior consists of a single seat and some holograms in the middle of a glass dome.


  • Great health for a Battlecruiser.
  • Has a good arsenal of Turrets for its class.
  • Large Cargo Hold for a Battlecruiser.
  • Can be used to siege Starbases from afar.
  • Extremely powerful Spinals.
  • Very high alpha damage for its class.
  • Highest cargo hold in its class.



  • Aim your spinals where the target is going, not where it is.
  • Use its Large Torpedoes and perfect timing to heavily damage certain targets at all times.
  • Just like its normal counterpart, the MRLS Launcher, it's useful in sieges with other siege ships such as the Ridgebreaker.
  • Use your Light Turrets to defend yourself from small ships.

Version History

  • Added in .65b.
  • Torpedo sizes increased to Medium Torpedoes later in .65b.
  • Torpedo sizes were increased again, from Medium Torpedoes to Large Torpedoes in .65b. The total health was also increased by 50 Shields and 5 Hull.
  • Received a small colorization remodeling; instead of a rusty, frozen-over siege ship, it features a hi-tech design, perhaps due to the buffs it has received.
  • Turret loadout changed from 4 Light Lasers, 2 Light Flak Cannons to 4 Sickles, 2 Splitters, added trails in version .73a3


  • Added for the Christmas Event 2018.
  • Between the Frozen MRLS Launcher, and its normal buildable counterpart, the MRLS Launcher, the Frozen counterpart has 305 more health (100 Shields and 205 Hull), 30 more Top Speed, 2 extra Light Turrets, and has 4 Large Torpedoes instead of 4 Small Torpedoes.
  • Considerably viewed on par with some Dreadnoughts for sieging power and combat prowess.
  • When you turn in the materials and Credits needed to obtain the Frozen MRLS Launcher, you may notice that 75k Credits were not given to the NPC contrary to the quest's requirements. This was not a result of a bug or glitch, but was scrapped by ARiNA last minute, according to a DM response on Discord.
  • If you were to kill this when the player has 0 Bounty, you'd gain approximately 15k Bounty.
  • The second ship that required additional Uranium to be exchanged in order to earn the ship.
  • The Frozen MRLS Launcher is one of three ships with exception of the super capitals, to be listed on the Tier List with the Overpowered role, the other ships being the 2020 Ship and the Grim.
  • Prior to the remodel, the Frozen MRLS Launcher looked like this:
    The Old Frozen MRLS Launcher.