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The Fury is a fast and readily available Fighter.


The Fury is a Fighter Class ship that is highly maneuverable and is able to deal around 200 damage to Shields with a well-aimed Phaser volley. It's found in the Carriers Stormbringer and Revelation. It is also found in the level 4 mothership Therefore, it is quite a commonly seen Fighter. It is also a fighter found in Player Bases once the base is level 2 as a special variant, the Starbase Fury.

Fury Fighters are small and are about the size of a Wasp. Furies can fire a volley up to 4 Phasers through its 2 Phaser batteries. Its appearance is similar to that of a fighter jet.


The Fury's interior is entered through its cockpit window. Inside, there is a single seat behind a steering column.


  • Can deal a great concentration of damage to an enemy's Ships shield if used correctly.
  • Fast and highly maneuverable making it hard for bigger ships to destroy.



  • Furies are usually used to swarm a large ship or provide cover in sieges. A skilled swarm of Furies can obliterate a ship's Shield health within 30 seconds, leaving it to be easily finished off. The strategy with Furies is to dive-bomb if the target is large, or slow down and wait for your target to move into a vulnerable position if they're too fast or small.
  • Deal as much damage as possible before being destroyed by your target. Fire your Spinals as often as possible.

Version History

  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • Remodeled again in an unknown version.


  • The Fury was the third Fighter-Class ship that was added to the game, following the Dragonfly and Xenophile.
  • Has a more powerful counterpart, the Starbase Fury, that spawns only in level 2-5 Starbases.
  • Has a lighter counterpart, called a Frenzy, that has less armor and slightly more speed. Frenzies also have a black hull where as furies have a slight grey hull.
  • The infobox on the right shows Fury's old models:
The picture shows a broken Fury model with uneven wings