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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.


Gámér Gamer was the Quest NPC for the Christmas Event 2018. He gave players the now-removed Quest #14 - "Rennovator Innevator." Gámér was seen working on the ice around a frozen ship. He was wearing a rather high-tech spacesuit to protect him from Aqueous's freezing temperatures. He was subsequently removed from the game with the end of the Christmas Event.



Gámér Gamer was found on top of the planet Aqueous II next to a giant ice crystal with a rusted ship inside. Nearby is a blue tent-like structure with a Torpedo inside.

Current Dialogue

Gámér Gamer: "shuffle off mate"

Quest Dialogue

Gámér Gamer: "This is gonna take FOREVER to get out"

Player: "You ok man?" or "Goodbye"

Gámér Gamer: "ME singlehandedly has been tasked to remove this thing and rennovate, with my own credit for a paycheck"

Player: "Do you need some help?"

Gámér Gamer: "Your not suited up for the conditions, you'd freeze out there"

Player: "Is there anything else i can help with?"

Gámér Gamer: "if you could get me some materials for the ship that would be splendid"

Player: "what do you need?

Gámér Gamer: "i'll send it to your quest screen"

Player: "What do i get?"

Gámér Gamer: "I'll grab the schematics and give you the refurbished model, not much but should still work"

Player: "i'll do it"

Gámér Gamer: "Good, shame i cant use my flamethrower"

Quest #14 - "Rennovator Innevator" appears in Quest Menu

Please note that all grammar or spelling mistakes have been intentionally included to maintain the exact quest dialogue

Quest Completion

The player needed to have brought Gámér various materials including 4000 Silicate, 1200 Carbon, 500 Iridium, 250 Adamantite, 250 Palladium, 250 Titanium, 250 Quantium, 500 Uranium, and 25 Snowflakes to claim the reward.

(Quest completion dialogue)

The player was rewarded with the Frozen MRLS Launcher for completing this quest.


  • Like with all non-repeatable quests, the dialogue bubble above Gámér's head will disappear forever upon completion of the quest.